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The makeup can be a little tricky when it’s meant for a certain occasion. It can be quite a challenge when it’s done for a wedding, a party, Halloween gathering or otherwise. The daily makeup shouldn’t be that difficult. Or should it?

Now that’s a situation because you have to keep it professional while at work. You have to look good but in a wise way.

If we would focus on an office kind of makeup , there are 10 mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.

#1. Applying an intense lipstick

Even if you are the speaker, do not draw attention on you with an intense shade of lipstick. It will loose the focus of your listeners. For sure, it will give you a boost of confidence, but use a light one this time.

#2. You get it done in an artificial light

That’s a common mistake. Due to the fact that you apply the makeup in the morning, it shouldn’t be a problem. In the artificial light it’s difficult to apply the right shade of foundation, especially the part when you get it even on your whole face.

#3. You forget about the eyebrows

A good shape of your eyebrows will give you a fresh and clean look. It’s quite professional and respectful to look good at your workplace. The eyebrows define your face features and are important for the whole look.

#4. You use glitter

A little bit of luminosity never hurt anybody. Too much is too much. To be honest, the glitter isn’t for the office looks, because it will simply send your colleagues to a party mood. Choose a blush or a discreet illuminator for a healthy glow.

#5. Too much lipgloss

The lipgloss in a huge amount gives the impression of a party. Apply matte lipstick or a lipgloss but in a normal amount.

#6. Too much foundation

Too much foundation or face powder gives you that porcelain aspect. It looks either too artifical or too loaded. Try to limit the quantity and fix with a little bit more only the imperfections. A reasonable amount will give you a natural look for the office day.

#7. You are obsessed with your makeup

Except of the times when the makeup was ruined somehow, you shouldn’t check out your face every 20 minutes. For sure, you boss won’t appreciate it. The best thing to do is to control that impulsion and check yourself out only before a meeting or before the lunch break.

#8. You remake it

You can’t make the ritual all over again while at work. It’s uncomfortable for you and for everyone. Just retouch it with powder and you’re good to go. It’s unprofessional and you just have to maintain a balance with your time at work.

#9. The aggressive contouring

It looks amazing when it’s done right. Apply the right shades and consider the natural light to look good even if it’s an artificial one. Do not exaggerate with it.

#10. You give up on the blush

If you contour your face, you give up on the blush. Wrong! The blush gives you that natural color in your cheeks. Just choose the right shade!


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