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No matter the texture of your hair or the cut, you still can have some problems regarding your hairstyle. Some of you want it straight, curly, want the wet look, want to fix the rebel threads.

One of the most common issues would be the volume of your hair. You get exactly what you need but you still don’t have the volume you want. Here are 10 tips and tricks to get the perfect volume for your hair.

#1. The Care Formulas

Beware of the shampoo and conditioner that contain sulfates! The basic ingredients they might have – alcohol, detergent, other harmful formulas – make your hair amazing only for a second. On the long term, it gets worse and worse. We recommend you to use the ones without sulfates and paraben.

#2. Less Heat

Try to dry your hair naturally, because the hot temperatures harm the roots and the scalp. Use the blowout dryer only when you are in a hurry. Do it with your hair down to get more volume than usual. Beware at these kind of temperatures because, if they are too high you can split the ends.

#3. Apply the Conditioner With Tactics

One might think that the conditioner is meant to give your hair some volume. It’s only a myth and here’s why: if you apply it on the roots, it will only make your hair heavier. So, apply it only on the peaks to get the right results!

#4. Try New Things!

Fact: changing the hairstyle all the time may cause volume. If you have the possibility, choose curly hair instead of the straight one and change the “path” all the time to get your hair used to volume.

#5. Use The Right Brush

For every kind of hair, on the market, there is a specific type of brush. A hair stylist will help you discover the type of hair you have in order to recommend you the brush you need. Basic rule: the bigger and the rounder the brush, the straight your hair will be.

#6. Use Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair too much may affect the volume. Try to use the dry shampoo once in a while because its ingredients contain particles meant to get your hair “fluffy” if we might say that. If you have a clean hair, just puff some dry shampoo on the length to make it bigger.

#7. The Hairstyle

If you have thin hair, choose length because you have lots of possibilities to fix it. Don’t cut your hair into that layer technique, because it’s a myth that it gives you volume.

#8. Volume Powder

Miracles do happen: the volume powder give a thick texture to your hair , even if the trick is temporary. Use a formula of the same color as yours.

#9. Hair Foam

In addition to the volume powder, you can use hair foam to style it. It’s that kind of product “oldie but goldie”. If you apply it on wet hair, it gets better.

#10. Sleep With Your Hair Still Wet

It’s uncomfortable, we know! But, it’s a trick that really works.

Any thoughts on the subject? Go volume!

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