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A wedding comes with the joy of the eternal union of two people in love, ready to commit to each other for the rest of their life. As you well know, every country has its own unique wedding traditions. Sweden is one of them all that has some interesting and particular wedding traditions. The following Swedish wedding traditions are still practiced in the present, for the traditional bride and groom.

#1. The bride’s father puts a silver coin into the left shoe and a gold coin into the right shoe. That way, it’s a form of wealth blessing for the bride and groom’s marriage.

#2. There are lots of forms in which you can determine who will be the decision maker of the couple. In the Swedish culture, that person would be whoever first enters the church. However, since it is common for many couples to choose to have the groom to wait at the altar for the bride, there is another way that the decision maker of the family may be chosen. So, who says,”I do,” louder, that’s the “man” of the house.

#3. Another Swedish wedding tradition consists in determing if the bride is virgin or not. Therefore, the traditions says that virgin brides should wear tiaras. Back in the days, this was made of leaves, flowers or other plants, but now they are what we would refer to as a tiara or a bridal crown.

#4. In other countries, especially in the U.S., the father walks down the aisle with the bride herself. In Sweden, the bride and groom walk down the aisle together. Here, there is no tradition of the father of the bride giving his daughter away to her husband.

#5. It was and still is very common for couples to have a buffet-style reception. Some of the main foods that are served at a Swedish wedding reception include herring, cowberry jam, Swedish meatballs, and a hard bread.

#6. The traditional Swedish wedding cake was usually a sponge cake with toffee icing. Nowadays, the bride and groom tend to choose otherwise. During the wedding reception, guests will typically sing songs.


#7. The first speech consists in a short toast to the bride during the champagne mingle before the dinner, known as the Brudskål. The father of the bride and the father of the groom are both expected to give a speech at the wedding reception. Although, it ‘s common for any guest to give a speech if they want to.

#8. In addition to the engagement ring and the wedding ring, the brideto be will wear a third wedding ring. This is known as the “motherhood” ring. Despite of the traditions, some women chose not to wear it until they become a mother for the first time. This fact depends on the woman herself and her family’s beliefs.

#9. In the UK or U.S. weddings, it’s quite normal to have a maid of honour or best man in charge of the many logistical duties. In Sweden there are often just one or two bridesmaids (brudtärna) and groomsmen (marskalkar).

#10. In some cultures it’s forbidden for the bride and groom see each other before the actual wedding ceremony, but in Sweden, couples sometimes get their wedding photos taken before the ceremony. Apparently, it’s considered bad luck everywhere in the world, but in Sweden.

#11. Apparently, if a woman wears red as a guest to a wedding in Sweden, it means she slept with the groom. It’s quite uncomfortable, because, knowing that, who would dare to wear red anyway?!

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Photo Source: Pinterest, Your Living City


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