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Traditions. Traditions. Traditions. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are lots of things to consider. The food, the ceremony, the guests, the reception, the wedding invitations, the rings, the attire and so on. Oh wait! There’s one more: The Traditions.

Here are some of them. Most of them still apply today.

#1. By tradition, the bride and groom must not speak to each other before the wedding ceremony.

#2. Back in the days, Italian wedding festivities would start in the morning, ideally on a Sunday. Regional Italian customs dictated that couples should never marry or even leave for their honeymoon on a Tuesday or Friday. Why? Because it’s supposed to be bad luck.

#3. Italian tradition calls for the bride to have 5 things with her on the wedding day:

  • Something old (represents the life she is leaving behind and the importance of the past)
  • Something new (represents the new life that is about to begin)
  • Something borrowed (represents the love of the people she cares about)
  • Something blue (the eternal symbol of purity and, in ancient times the color of wedding gowns)
  • Something she has received as a gift (a reminder of the people she loves)

#4. Back in time, Italian brides would cover their face with the veil as protection from evil spirits and as a symbol of her chastity. The groom had to do the same, but in another way: carrying a small piece of iron in his pocket. Some of them, still do that.

#5. The night before their wedding, the bride has to wear green for good luck. Nowadays, the brides don’t follow this custom any more, but, they still choose a brooch or something small but green at the reaharsal dinner.

#6. After the wedding ceremony, the Italian couple would shatter a vase. The broken pieces represented the number of years they shall be happily married. So, the more, the better.


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#7. No reception would be complete without dancing the traditional “tarantella, which is the dance of the spider and involves light and quick movements with passionate hand gestures.

#8. During the reception, the bride carries a satin bag called “la borsa”. This is meant for guests to place envelopes of money in, a tradition called the “buste”.


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#9. During pagan times, the guests threw rice at the couple to symbolize fertility. They still do that, and not only at Italian weddings, Greek ones too.


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#10. Food was, is and will be an essential part of an Italian wedding, of any wedding of that matter. The guests are served courses of antipasti, calamari, pasta, fish, pork and not only. The couple make the menu. The drinks are liqueur or wine.

#11. Guests could always count on having some “wanda”, bow ties of fried dough dipped in powdered sugar that symbolized good luck. Even the confetti was edible. Sugar-covered almonds/Jordan almonds, which represent the bitter and sweet parts of life, served as a treat.

#12. Italian Wedding tradition calls for the couple to walk among the guests standing at their tables after the cake has been cut. The groom holds a silver tray with the confetti and the bride uses a silver spoon to offer them to guests.

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  • In ancient Rome brides wore yellow and orange veils. Byzantine brides wore red silk gowns embroidered with gold and gemstones.
  • In ancient Rome the couple would eat honey for the duration of “one moon” after the wedding. This was meant to recover them from the long wedding day. This has led to the custom of using the term “honeymoon” to refer to the beginning of the newlyweds’ life together.
  • In ancient times, the giveaways from an Italian wedding were bundled in precious little bags of tulle / lace. They had to be white and always came with candies in odd numbers (generally five) to represent the qualities that must always be part of the life of the new couple: Health, Longevity, Wealth, Fertility, Happiness.
  • In Italy, the wedding cake is served with espresso.
  • Apparently it’s an Italian wedding tradition for the bride to carry a rosary with her bouquet.rice-at-a-wedding-ceremony-la-borsa-confetti-at-italian-wedding-traditions-customs-amazing-bride-bouquet

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