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20 Most Interesting Traditions From Around the World

We all know that every country in the world is unique, especially if we think of customs and traditions. It may be in terms of clothing, religion, history, behavior, rituals and a lot other. Either way, these traditions world wide may appear a little strange to each of us, but we have to understand that for others, they are part of their history and heritage.

These being said, here’s a list of the most unusual traditions and customs around the world. You may already know some of them, but we find them truly fascinating and will give you an insight into others cultures.

#1. Bad Santa (Austria)

Krampus Night is celebrated in Austria on December 5th. This Krampus is described as the evil brother of Santa Claus.

#2. Ivrea City (Italy)

The core celebration of carnival is based on a locally famous Battle of the Oranges.

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#2. Tooth Throwing (Greece)

In Greece, a child’s tooth is thrown onto the roof for good luck.

#3. Happy Feet? (China)

“Foot Binding” is a beauty ritual for women in order to keep their feet from growing too large. This is a painful Chinese tradition that stopped in the 1930s.

#4. The Thumb (Indonesia)

In Indonesia, a person shall point with their thumb. If you go there, you should know it’s considered very rude to point with a forefinger.

#5. The Thunder is Coming (Japan)

Japanese children cover their tummy button when they hear thunder.

#6. 361 Days a Year (Iran)

The Bahai People of Iran have their own calendar with 19 months each with 19 days.

#7. Coming of Age (Africa)

The Fulani Sharo Tradition is a coming of age ceremony celebrated in some parts of Africa.

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#8. Wealthy Start of The Year (Brazil)

In Brazil, New Year’s Day is celebrated with a bowl of lentil soup. This would be a symbol of wealth.

#9. Accidentally or On Purpose (Thailand)

It’s considered very rude to pointing the bottom of another person’s foot. The same thing is when you touch the top of another person’s head.

#10. New Christmas Menu (Latvia)

A traditional Christmas Day meal in Latvia would be with cooked brown peas with pork sauce and cabbage.

#11. Tooth Fairy

In many Western cultures, children leave teeth under their pillow. The tooth fairy will collect them and, in return, they leave some money.

#12. Silver Protection (Norway)

A Norwegian bride traditionally wears a silver crown with dangling charms to scare off evil spirits.

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#13. Zwarte Piet (Netherlands)

In the Netherlands, Santa has a helper named Zwarte Piet or Black Pete.

#14. Clean Carpet (Japan, India)

If you travel to Japan, you should know this: Always remember to remove your shoes before entering their home. This also holds up for Indian households too.

#15. Celebration with 5 parties (Middle East)

Wedding celebrations can involve 5 parties in some parts of the Middle East. The beginning would be the engagement party and the final one would be the wedding shower, that takes place on the 7-th day after the marriage.

#16. Father Frost (Russia)

In Russia, Father Frost brings presents for the children on New Year’s Day.

#17. “Morning Mr Magpie” (UK)

“Morning magpie” is often said by people in the UK to counteract the bad luck brought by the sighting of a single magpie.

#18. No Best Man (Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic)

The Caribbean wedding ceremony takes place without a best-man for the groom.

#20. Money for the bride (Sweden)

In Sweden, the bride places gold and silver coins in her shoes. This is considered to be a form of wealth blessing for the bride and groom’s marriage.


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