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There are timeless trends and trends that last for a short period of time. Some of them remain a hit for few seasons, while some of them need to stop.

The best example of a timeless beauty trend would be the red lipstick. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and you can wear it in almost every shade you like. It was, is and always will be a “hot” thing to wear.

Although if you really really really like a certain thing in your beauty routine and no one mentions it on the runways, you should still wear it. If it’s possible, try to upgrade it.

Here are few 2017 beauty trends that need to stop right now, because they are no longer… in style.

#1. Carved Features in an Excessive Way

We all know it! It’s about the Kim Kardashian contouring technique. For the last two years, it exploded. In case you didn’t know, this beauty tip comes from the ’30s and it was invented for actresses, because they wanted to look good in the diffuse light.

Although bloggers and makeup addicts around the world tried it and even vlogged it, only a professional makeup artist knows the secret of a perfect contouring. We recommend you to replace this technique with a much modern one, like strobing or draping.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#2. Black Smokey Eyes

It’s about those really really really black lines. Most of the times, it falls down your cheeks and it becomes the worst thing to see. We recommend you to replace it with a lighter version (brown instead of black + neutral colors) or even a graphic cat-eye.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#3. Hair Highlights

This trend is long gone. It all started from the celebrities and a true example of that would be Avril Lavigne and Nicky Minaj. We recommend you to get back to basics: natural colors or fine highlight through certain techniques, like blorange.

#4. Perfect Shaped Eyebrows

This is the perfect example of a long gone trend. They are meant to look sophisticated and stiff, which isn’t bad at all. But, nowadays, we all want to look natural because the fashion style each and everyone has, will make a statement.

A perfect shaped eyebrow will be too much these days. We all remember Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows. She irst initiated this trend of thick eyebrows. Ever since, women around the world displayed their natural shape to expose their qualities and personality. We recommend you to let it grow a bit and choose a natural shape that needs only a little bit of eyebrow mascara.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#5. Pumped Lips

Either it’s a filter on your phone, injections of hyaluronic acids or a funky lipgloss, the pumped lips are no longer a thing. These days, nobody wants to be a duck, so, the pumped lips are overrated. It’s not that cool either to apply multiple layers of lipstick to highlight them more. We recommend you to wear the color that you like the most but in a normal way.

The 2017 Beauty Trends are all about natural and freshness. Right girls?

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