Apparently, spring comes with lots of changes. As far as the celebrities go, they have chosen to change their hairstyle. Even if the former look made them famous, they decided that 2017 is the year to make a new appearance. We all know that in Hollywood, things change all the time, in a faster way than anywhere else.

Either it’s about a dramatic haircut or a new color, the truth is that stylists who managed their looks made quite an impression.

#1. Katy Perry

She has a wild personality, a wild figure on stage and we can all agree that the new haircut is not a surprise! She chose a pixie cut that flatters her figure in all kinds of ways. Either it’s brown or blonde, Katy Perry managed to change her look in a heartbeat.

 Photo Source: Popsugar

#2. Cara Delevigne

While grey hair has been an Instagram trend for a few years now, Cara Delevigne just made it a celebrity one, too. She rocked this hair color when she was spotted in Paris. The model chose to cut her hair last summer for the launch of Comic Con, the official trailer of Suicide Squad. In 2017, the cool silver hair trend is ON.

 Photo Source: Guliver / Getty Images

#3. Kristen Stewart

The actress is well known for her rebel and unconventional style, so her new look is not a surprise. For a buzz cut hairstyle, we could say that she set the trend indeed. Now, we can even admire her natural color – light blonde.

 Photo Source: Guliver / Getty Images

#4. Zoë Kravitz

The young actress went through a dramatic change of looks. She went to platinum blonde. And that’s not all! She shaved her hair in the superior part of her head. Although it’s a bit dramatic, we think that her skin tone is flattering her new hairstyle. Her attitude of a rock star says it all!

 Photo Source: Guliver / Getty Images

#5. Suki Waterhouse

Being a model, you are always connected with the latest trends in hairstyle. Suki Waterhouse recently dyed her hair from the chestnut hair to a shiny blonde with darker roots. She is a fan of  the blonde highlights, so we should expect more soon from her.

 Photo Source: Guliver / Getty Images

#6. Allison Williams

One of the main actresses in Girls series, Allison Williams, chose a major change, going from dark brown towards blonde. After a long wait, she finally did it! She looks amazing, isn’t she?

Some of them set the trends in hairstyle and we should expect more from the stylists behind them! These looks are quite an inspiration. Even if you’re a brave girl or not, you can still find the look that flatters your style, skin and figure.


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