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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

It’s a whole world that stands for fragrance. The scent itself carries you away or reminds you of something in a minute. It’s a specific scent we all are searching for. Everyone has a particular attraction towards one and it’s included in the cosmetic drawer because of its power to express the personality.

Every skincare product comes in a box and a list of instructions. But the perfumes don’t have this specific. They comunicate with its owner through the olfactory level only. When you go to the store and try on different perfumes, you’ll see that each and every one gives you a particular feeling.

Let’s say for example that you already have chosen the scent that represents you totally and you start using it. You have already heard here and there how to apply it, but have you considered that you can do more to make it last longer than expected?!

Here’s some skincare tips on how to do exactly that!

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

#1. Hydrate With The Same Scent

It’s important to have a hydrated skin, for numerous reasons, one of them being the long lasting of a perfume on your skin. But, what if you hydrate with the same scent? This is the key to smell the whole day as your favorite perfume.

So, we advise you, the next time you go to a drug store, buy the body lotion from the same brand and the same perfume. It will be much more resistant, but not too obvious.

#2. Apply It Directly On Your Skin

The best way to apply the fragrance is on your skin. Most of you apply it on their clothes. Wrong! Christopher Sheldrake, one of the perfumers of Chanel Paris believes that it creates a certain connection between the fragrance and the person who wears it if it’s applied on the skin. It gets warmer and it instantly homogenizes with the PH of the skin.

#3. It’s All About Your PH

The PH of your skin consists in your diet, your type of skin, the use of your beauty products, your exposure to the sun. As we told you before, the perfume comes to life on your skin, therefore it’s more than understandable than the smell on you is not the same smell on your friend. The same perfume has a different impact on each and every person. Test it before you buy it! Do not touch the wrist after the puff and don’t try to feel the scent immediately. Wait for 10 minutes to smell it!

#4. Smell Coffe Beans Between

Many perfumeries have coffee beans in a bowl somewhere. That’s for you to smell it if you try different scents. Their smell neautralizes others and you get to make the best choice because you distinguish the actual smell of every fragrance.

#5. It’s All About The Pheromones

Usually, if a guy responds to your signals it’s not necessary because of the perfume. It really depends on the context. Sometimes, your perfume may cause him unpleasant memories, but also good ones. For example, the pheromones in a specific scent may remind him your honeymoon, the moment your baby was born or, better yet, the moment he met you. Alan Hirsch, the director of The Treatment and Research Foundation in Taste and Smell from Chicago truly believes that.

The easiest way to make the best choice is to take him with you. Have fun shopping!


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