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Every girl out there needs mascara to accentuate her eyes, her look, her eyelashes. When you buy mascara, you have to take into consideration the brush. It’s the most important thing to see because it will give you that effect you wish for.

The shape of the brush has to match the type of your eyelashes. Because there are multiple products on the market for every type of girl, in every color, you should buy the product that best suits you.

Some want longer eyelashes because the Mother Nature gave them short ones. Some have rare eyelashes, so they need volume and density. Above all that, not every mascara is able to give you the effect to die for. That doesn’t mean that the product isn’t good, but you just have to keep searching for the right one.

That’s why we will help you to stop wasting precious time in the beauty stores in font of the makeup stand. Here are the facts to know before you go shopping!

#1. Mascara with rare and short bristles

This will help you to get that extension effect you wish for. If you have thin and short eyelashes, you’d want to create the infinite lashes, therefore, the mascara with rare and short bristles is the product for you. Because it has small threads, it will separate the lashes and it will make them longer that never. Be generous when you apply it!

#2. Mascara with dense and curved brush

It will give them volume. Most of the times, mascara has beewax or silicone, ingredients that will make your lashes look thick. Use the brush in zig-zag moves  when you apply it, just to intensify the effect.

#3. Mascara with curved brush

Its role is to curve the lashes from the root to the top. It’s perfect for those of you who already have long eyelashes, but too straight.

#4. Mascara with plastic bristles

This type of mascara is meant to unravel thick and droll lashes. Apply mascara in only one layer, from the root to the top. Otherwise, you’ll create the spider effect that nobody wants.

#5. Mascara with thick and long brush

This type of brush is the most complex of them all, being a multifunctional one. This kind of mascara gives you volume and loooong lashes, defining and separating them. This product is recommended for those of you with rare and short lashes, in order to create a wide effect.

Have fun girls!

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