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Kate Moss is considered to be one of the top fashion models in the world. She is best known for her grunge attitude and for attending numerous fashion shows for best fashion designers in the world.

Born on 1974, January 16, is a British fashion model, discovered in 1988 at the age of 14. by Sarah Doukas, the founder of Storm Model Management, on JFK Airport in New York City.

The colaboration which brought her the status of a fashion model symbol, was with Calvin Klein. Even though she isn’t on the runway anymore, she is a true source of inspiration.

Here are the top 5 best fashion and style advices from Kate Moss.

#1. Highlight Your Best Features

Even though she looks amazing, her advice to every woman out there is to highlight the best features. You don’t have to be thin to look amazing. You should know that style is in her veins and she was the one to invent the festival looks from Glastonbury and Coachella. Back in 2005, at Glastonbury festival she had denim shorts, the Hunter rubber boots – full of dirt by the way – and a leather vest.


#2. Have Your Own Signature Style

Even if we look around and borrow some ideas on styling the clothing items, Moss thinks that it’s important to have your own style. Even if you explore new territories, your style has to reflect on everything you put on. The most frequent look would be the skinny jeans, rock accessories, a badass attitude and fringes here and there. Her signature style are minimalist looks but with a twist.

#3. Own Your Outfits

Moss is a versatile kind of girl, therefore she owns her looks. If you are a glam girl and you decide to wear something other than usual, own it and admit that you try on new fashion styles. Few women out there dare to wear different looks and still look impeccable in them. If you can’t manage to do it, you’ll look uncomfortable and the others will notice that.

#4. Sometimes Less is More

Kate Moss refers to those times when you cannot decide o a certain outfit. Many times, you add more elements that you should and the final look is… too much. For example, on the red carpet she avoids any type of exaggeration and chooses tight dresses with long cleavage ot fluid dresses with few accessories. She chooses long sleeved dresses in neutral shades or fluid materials that will highlight her body. She thinks that you should be aware of your proportions and dress as feminine as it gets. She is devoted to the red lipstick and sandals in the ’90s type of design.

#5. Upgrade Your Masculine Style

Nothing is sexier than a woman wearig a men suit but in a sedductive way. Kate manages to keep her feminine side even if she wears a masculine blazer over a body and a pair of glossy pants.

Photo Sources: Pinterest, Getty Images.

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