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Georgia May Jagger if a fashion model well known in the fashion industry due to the fact that her parents are Mick Jagger (the performer of the famous band The Rolling Stones) and Jerry Hall (a famous fashion model).

But there’s more to that because the beautiful Georgia May has something to say in the fashion industry. She grew up in a fashionable environment surrounded by the rock music vibe. Her best friends are Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne – 2 of the best fashion models in the world.

Until she reaches the fashion model status, she did face modelling back in 2009 for the fashion brands Chanel, H&M, Miu Miu, Versace, Vivienne Westwood and not only. During the same year, she was named “Model of the year” by British Fashion Awards. In 2014, she became part of the top Models.com which includes the best 50 models worldwide.

Here are some interesting facts you should know about her!

#1. She has over 100 pair of sunglasses. Her favorite one is the aviator shape by Ray-Ban.

#2. She loves vintage clothing. She wears them with basic and modern items and she gets that classic look suitable for every occasion. She loves simplicity and elegance. Most of the times, above all, she wears a leather jacket.

#3. The best fashion advice: red lipstick, sunglasses and heels. This items turn every boring outfit into an amazing one. She said that this fashion advice came from her mother. The Cosmopolitan Australia made it official.

#4. Her skincare routine includes a mascara and moisturizing cream. Because she has a dry skin, she needs to hydrate her skin constantly. She never goes out without mascara.

#5. The toughest job from her modelling career was when she became part of a Rimmel ad campaign. She had to model into the rain for 11 hours. She todl to The Telegraph that it was very difficult to model for a beauty product campaign i the rain for a whole day. You have to pay attention to the face expressions, you have to make an effort to feel good even if you don’t becasue the important thing it to send the right feeling.

She is one of the beautiful faces in the modelling world and makes constantly adverising campaigns because she has that “je ne sais quoi”. She is best know for the breach between her teeth. She has that particular thing that every fashion designer wants for his brand.

She is natural, she has a rock attitude and a beautiful face and body, meant for modelling.


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