Being a real man it takes guts! You have to make sure that your attitude is masculine, your figure is accurate, your outfit and accessories are in a good shape, size and… brand. It’s not mandatory to have and to wear brands only, but you should invest in certain accessories that will lead you everywhere, for example, a watch.

The watch at man’s wrist says a lot about the individual. It reflects his personality, his personal style and the attention he claims to have wearing it. Therefore, buying a watch should be an important and personal decision.

This statements are not for those of you who would buy a watch just to know what the time is. There are men who would buy a decent watch just to check that off of their list and that’s perfectly fine.

For those of you who would like a stilish accessory, not a simple watch, we have some tips to accomplish that.

#1. The Serial Number

Most premium watches and all luxury ones have a serial number. This specific number is an important component in verifying the authenticity of the object and identifying the product itself.

You should know that all authorized dealers that sell premium watches have access to a data base from their subcontractors, which lists all serial numbers of these watches. If you decide to invest a huge amount when buying a watch, you have to make sure that it’s real by getting into contact with the producer or going into an authorised shop that can confirm your serial number. Without one, the guarantee of the product is not valid and you cannot fix it at the authorised dealers from the country or abroad. Although, you can receive a standard guarantee from the shop you bought it from. Just to be clear, this standard guarantee is not equal with the producer guarantee.

#2. Online vs. Offline shops

The online shops have lots of discounts that simply cannot exist in actual stores, due to the rent, the salaries, the utilities and so on.

The main reason is that most retailers buy lots of sets from authorised distributors. These can offer them the last products in stock, with the discount included which is refflected in the online price.

Authorised dealers have to sell the watches at their actual worth, otherwise they can lose their licence. The price politics goes that way in order to balance the price levels and to maintain the competition between distributors and producers. So, the bigger the shop, the better the offers.


Photo Source: A blog to watch

#3. The guarantee

Most online retailers will give you a product guarantee that will replace the original one. The strange thing is that this one offers much more services than the original one. Anyway, even their best watches are meant to last years but not decades, that’s why nor the producer or retailer will cover the validity of a watch more than few years.

#4. The brand

An important matter is choosing the brand, but looking into the competition that promises to offer a similar quality. Let’s take an example: If you can’t afford to buy a Movado, you can still choose the affordable alternatives from Esquire (both brands are part of the same company, but Movado is a prestigious brand with higher prices). An Esquire watch of 250$ offers the quality of a 1000$ watch or even more. The difference would be in the design and the brand itself.

Photo Source: Tom van Schelven

In a similar way, you can buy a Tissot (a Swatch trademark) at a much lower price than an Omaga watch (also a Swatch trademark), without even make a quality compromise.

Photo Source: Swatch

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