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Your house is the place you feel safe and sound. You may not realize it but you home strengthens you and helps you to connect with everything around. At home you get that accurate state of mind we all should have!

When it comes to the decorations, many of us guide through the aesthetic of things and we miss the essential aspects. Because you spend most of your time in this space, you should know that your deco shouldn’t be random, but according to your needs. 

Here are some things you should take into consideration when you arrange everything at home.

#1. You Get Stressed If Crowded

Stress is an actual disease nowadays – unfortunately! Stress is that factor that doesn’t let you to live your life as you want it to and it causes a lot of inconveniences. Those massage techniques, sports won’t really help if you get home to a stressful environement. Just to be sure, we mean the way your house is decorated. Therefore, you should know that a crowded place is the enemy of the relaxation.

You may not notice that, but all those objects that block your way to the bedroom, for example, are stressful in the back of your head. The secret would be the right size of a box to place everything in. For example, if you have children, you should gather their toys in a single storage device. It may be a cute one, one that you kid should recognize as his place to feel comfortable.

#2. A Good Mattress Is Always a Good Idea

Hey there sleepy head! Have you ever wondered why are you always tired, even if you just woke up. It may be the mattress you sleep on. It should be a quality one, but, if you changed it recently, it’s ok just to flip it on the other side.

#3. Leave Your Favourite Color Out of It

Everyone has a favorite color but choose the pastel alternative because it’s much more restful. For example if you like electric blue, you have to know that it’s pretty strong for the walls in your bedroom. It may cause you a stressful sleep and the result will be a disaster. Choose a pastel shade of blue and everything will be fine. If you really want you favorite vibrant color, buy curtains, a vase, a painting in that color but not the whole wall. You may even choose white walls. That way you will play with the colors as long as you want.

#4. The Light

The natural light is the best. Please do not block it with dark curtains or useless decorations. It’s the main reason you can’t concentrate. A dark room induces you a sleep vibe, but, a lighter room gives you focus. Be careful not to get a strong light because it may be too strong for your eyes. The key is to bring the light into your spot of interest: choose a lamp. If it’s a fancy one, it’s even better because it’s a classy thing to have in your house!

#5. Is Your House a Home?

Do you get that cozy feeling when you get home? If not, create it. Make it your own and personal place in order to make the most of it. Don’t just deposit things there, live there. Personalize it, decorate it in your own taste, add personal touches like family photos and personal accomplishments. That is what makes it special, and, at the end of the day, you get to feel like home.

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