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Everyone has a certain type of hair that needs to work with every day. Either it’s thin, thick, curly, straight, almost straight, it’s impossible not to have fragile threads here and there. The lack of glow would be another issue we all fight with.

Unfortunately, some of the you might have a dry hair indeed. That’s because of the Mother Nature, of the contaminated water, the shampoo or conditioner, the hair dye and other things you do.

So, we figured you’d need these tips and tricks on how you can control your dry hair, using some helpful hair products.

The hair dries out when there’s a lack of sebum. Due to that, the threads don’t have enough to hydrate and feed with and they dry out. Say hello to split ends!

The next thing we tend to do is to attack. To attack in an agressive way, but in a good way. We buy lots of beauty products we think will work and we go to the salon and apply an intensive hair mask to fix it.

It’s a good way to do it. But, in addition to all that, you could let go of the bad habits you already have. These tend to affect you hair and step by step, it will eventually destroy it.

Here are the bad habits you should let go of!

#1. The Hairdryer

You should know by now that high temperatures attack your hair. It’s the same when you expose it to the sun. It tends to give you split ends and it dries out the sebaceous glands. Try to let go of the hairdryer step by step if not all at once. If you are in a hurry and you still have to use it, try to protect your hair with some kind of hair product: oil, lotion, conditioner, serum.

#2. Excessive Head Wash

Too much head wash is the worst thing to do because it slows down the natural process of the sebum control. Even though your shampoo is a high quality one, do not apply it too much because it harms your hair.

#3. You Skip The Conditioner

The conditioner is often forgot. Why? Because the process of washing the hair takes a little bit longer and most of you consider it unnecessary. Well, it is! Use conditioner. If not, use the weekly hair mask.

#4. You Love The Styling Products

Everyone loves them because they smell good and they give your hair the best texture. Hairspray, hair foam, hair wax or styling cream – used excessively will harm your hair.

#5. Your Daily Use of The Hair Straightener

Imagine the bad things you do to your hair if you use the hair straightener, the curling iron, the hairdryer or the warm hair rollers. No doubt in that!

#6. The Hair Dye

Usually, the hair dye has chemicals in it and a lot of powerful ingredients meant to get the color you want. Nothing new in that! You should know that these chemicals remove the natural oil in your hair structure and the result of that would be dehydration and deterioration. Think twice when you decide to change your color radically. We recommend you to do it step by step. If not, it will affect your hair irreparable!

A damaged hair isn’t a healthy hair. It looks odd and really bad. You can’t fix it and you can’t hide it.

Take care of it in the proper way as you protect and care for your skin or nails!


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