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We all know the argan oil. Once upon a time it was best known as a true fountain of youth. That’s why is a good product in in your skincare routine. Although, there are lots of benefits we still don’t know about it.

To clear thing us, due to its remarcable ingredients, the argan oil is an asset in your skincare routine – face, body hair, nails. It’s one of the most important ingredient of them all, best known as the “liquid gold” of all the compounds.

The argan oil comes from the nuts of the argan tree, that grows in very few places in Maroc. This is one of the rarest trees in the world. Its consistency is a complex one and so precious that it has lots of fat acids (over 70% are oleic acids and linoleic ones with anti inflamatory effects), antioxidants, vitamin E and carotene.

By now, we all know that its benefits are numerous. It’s a multitasking kind of oil and here’s why!

#1. It’s a mask for your skin

Due to its unique ingredients, it works like a wealthy remedy that Mother Nature gives us for free. Even from the first use, your skin will become hydrated and the shield against the bad compounds of the environement will be sustained. Pregnant women use it on their belly because it calms the skin and makes it soft after the baby is born.

#2. A true ally against antiaging

Because it has lots of vitamin E, the argan oil neutralizes the free radicals, the resposible for the aging process. If you choose a pure formula of 100% cold pressed oil, just rub it on your face twice a week. Its action stimulates the face muscles, giving you a ferm and elastic skin.

#3. It hydrates the dry skin

If you still haven’t found the ideal solution for your dry skin, the argan oil is the best one. A single drop is more than enough to hydrate your face. Apply it every night, before going to bed, avoiding the eyes area and you’ll observe the effect in the morning when your skin will be as soft as a baby’s.

#4. It doesn’t make the oily skin more oily

Usually, people with oily skin avoid oily products because they think everything will become much more oily. Well, the argan oil is different. It balances the sebum secretion. Try to stick with it every day and you’ll see the great effect it has on you.

#5. It doesn’t open up the pores

There’s a rumour that it opens up the pores. It’s only a myth. Due to the fact that it balances your skin secretions, you won’t get acne, dilated pores and other imperfections.

#6. You can use it anytime

Day and night, no matter the temperature or season, the argan oil is a good choice in your skincare routine. You can use it in the morning, like a lotion after the cleansing and before the makeup routine. You can use it like a facial treatment if you add more and rub it longer than usual.

The argan oil is best kept at temperatures under 25 degrees, with no moist and direct light of the sun.

You should pay attention even to the wrapping package. The best one is in the bottle and it has a darker shade. Try not to use it mre than 6 months.

If you feel the need to do it, you can even use it in addition to other oils, like figs, roses, pomegranate, wheat germs or blackcurrant.

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