#3. Choose the highest level of protection for your face

Not only at the beach, but every day the whole summer. Before you go out, especially in the sunny days, apply a bit of sunscreen on your face. In general, the best thing to do is to apply the SPF 50, because, even if you don’t notice it, the sun is powerful even in the city. Choose an easy to use lotion that absorbs quickly and protects your skin for the long term.

#4. Do not use expired products

The sunscreen lotions have the expiration date for max 2 years, but, if you already opened it, you should use it for a couple of months. The way you storage it’s another important thing. If you keep them exposed to the heat, you’ll destroy the best qualities they have, especially that SPF protection.

#5. Hydrating creams usually have a lower SPF

A hydrating cream should be a hydrating cream only. Use them differently because you get better results.

#6. Do not neglect your hair!

The sun can harm your hair as much as your skin. If you don’t protect it, it may get dry and even degrade it. Get used to invest in quality products for sun haircare with the highest SPF you can find. Our recommendation: Bottega Verde Siero Di Definizione “Effetto Mare”.

Find the best products for you and choose to protect yourself from the sun. A tanned skin is sexy, but a burned one is not. there’s nothing worse than a damaged skin or hair.