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6 Things Only a Mother Would Understand

Nothing is more important than a mother. She gave us life and, even now, she celebrates with us every defeat or victory, fear or joy. Out of everyone in the world, we know for sure that a mother and only a mother waits us with her arms wide open for a big hug and a delicate voice.

They are willing to listen every pain we have, they suffer with us, they smile when we smile and she tends to offer her love unconditionally.

Yes. Nothing is more important than a mother. Here are 7 things only a mother would know and never told you.

#1. Every Time You Cry, She Cries

When you are little, the only thing you can do when you wanted something, was to start crying. Therefore, every time you did that, she suffered along with you. When you get older, you have different problems to cry about. She kept her feelings and still cries with you. She is the only one in the world that would do anything to stop you for being hurt.

#2. She Is Always On Your Side

It’s the best feeling ever to know that you always have someone in your corner, no matter what.

#3. She Carries You More Than 9 Months

She carried and learned to love you for 9 months. But that wasn’t all. She hold you while you were sleeping. She took you into her arms when you were crying for no reason. She knew what was best for you when you didn’t even knew it. She put her on the second place, in order to make you her priority.

6 Things Only a Mother Would Understand

#4. She Knows That She Isn’t Perfect

Every mother is aware that perfection doesn’t exist, even if none of them admits that. Although, they do their best to be. She wishes to be the best mother for you and a true example of kindness, power, confidence, courage, independence, maturity and not only.

#5. She Would Suffer Everything Instead Of You

The say the hardest job in the world is being a mother. But, if she could go back in time, she could do it again because the love she has for her child is more important than anything in the world. It’s the most powerful feeling of all and she would be able to fight everything instead of you. She would bare to suffer no matter what, because you are the light of her eyes.


#6. She Worries Constantly

For sure you find quite stressful all the calls and advices you get from your mother. You should know that you are in her mind 24/24 and she is thinking at you and your well being constantly. From the moment she conceived you, she swore that she would protect you forever. She’ll do her best.

6 Things Only a Mother Would Understand

Do you have thoughts on that?

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