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Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017 is inspired by nature and it would be the most versatile of them all. That’s exactly why it’s so easy to add it into everything. It’s either a purse, a nail polish or a deco crush, here are few ways to add Greenery to your home.

Every year, Pantone chooses a certain color meant to set the trend in interior design and not only. That would be The Color of the Year. Greenery is the color of 2017, would be a light shade green. It’s impossible not to have something among your decorations, even if it’s just a simple plant.

This was the chosen color, inspired by nature. It’s a bright refreshing color that gives you hope and trust. In the right amount, green empowers the place, it symbolizes the reconection of each other and personal growth in general. Here are some suggestions on how to integrate this color into your home decorations.

#1. A green door is always a good idea

If you have a house in which the color white is all over the place, just add a little color on your interior doors. Make them Greenery. It’s a fresh color and it will gather positive marks from your guests. It will fit perfectly near your plants.

#2. Surround yourself with lots of plants

Well chosen plants tend to refresh the whole place. Having plants in your home (the good ones), will make your house instantly cozy and refreshed. Flowers in general are very cheerful. Choose a green chrysanthemums or an orchid to set the trend.

#3. Paint a wall

A splash of color never hurt nobody. Why not put in on the wall?

#4. Prints

Greenery details make the difference. It relaxes you and it carries you on those cast-away lands or Oriental print. With a specific print, you can easily create a place to dream with your eyes open and imagine that you are in Morocco where the green would be the dominant color.

                                                                        Photo Source: Pinterest

#5. Accents of color here and there

Sheets, plates, cups, pillows, picture frames, drapes, a blanket and many other accents you can think of – make them Greenery. They truly are the elements that will completely transform your house from boring to amazing and fresh.

#6. A piece of furniture

We’re thinking the couch. In a specific room, the green couch will be the main attraction and it works because the walls are painted in a neutral shade, preferably grey, beige or even white. Add to that a rug that has the shade of the couch and the shade from your walls, and you’re all set.

#7. Bedroom. Bathroom. Kitchen.

These are the perfect rooms to integrate this color. The kitchen? You can play with a Greenery set of plates or cups. If you get bored with it, you can easily change it. The bathroom? Greenery will remind you of the nature, the water, the plants that grow in it – it’s perfect. The bedroom? There are lots of studies that say that green is an ideal color for the sleeping room because it gets you to sleep well.

#8. Less is more.

Too much is too much. Add this color here and there but in a big amount, it all gets tiring. Break the monotony combining it with bronze, grey or beige for a modern and fancy look all in the same time.

#9. A temporary wallpaper

If you get bored easily on things, just choose a temporary wallpaper. Why? Because if you get fed up with it, you can take it off the wall. If the Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018 fancies you, buy a wallpaper accordingly. Our current favorites: a wallpaper with the image of a tree, a forest or a big leave. It will bring the nature much closer to you.


Photo Source: Banggood

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