Although all the fashion shows are with tall and slim models, on a daily basis it’s not that simple to buy clothing items to fit perfectly. Even if everyone thinks that it’s the most difficult thing in the world to find suitable clothes for solid men, let me tell you something: It’s not that simple for the thin ones either! It’s pretty hard to add a few pounds just to look… normal. Lots of clothing items highlight way too much the thinness of the body, so, the final result is not what you were looking for.

Here are some tips and tricks for all those skinny men to get them the good looks. We want to make your life easier by transforming your shopping experience into something you actally enjoy!

#1. Accentuate those shoulders! In stores you will find blazers, T-shirts, shirts or knitwear with some kind of details on the shoulders. Those are meant to add some volume to your figure.

#2. Do not wear biiiiig accessories. This advice refers to big sunglasses, watches, and men handbags. If you would wear a big watch, you would only attract everyone’s attention to your left wrist instead of serving a steady outfit. Choose clothing items according to your figure.


Photo Source: The Fashionisto

#3. Layers. Layers. Layers. We are refering to all those layers of items and the cool effect they bring to the table. Adding multiple items into a look will create a trendy and comfy look. The easiest example of them all would be the combination between a T-shirt, a shirt and a bomber jacket. They all look very nice together and will add your figure a few centimeters. The important thing is to drag attention to one piece only.

Photo Source: The Trend Spotter

#4. Warm sweatshirts. If you go out shopping, the easiest way for you would be choosing knitted jerseys. They do the same thing as the usual ones, but they tend to add a few pounds on you.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#5. Buy your own size. You’ll be tempted to buy a larger size, but this will only make you thinner than you actually are. If you are stubborn with this idea, at least put a large one on the top and a skinny one on the bottom, otherwise you’ll look like a combination of Stan & Bran.

#6. A big NO NO for vertical stripes. We all know that this type of print give you the illussion of being thinner. You don’t need that! You’ll go with the horizontal ones.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#7. Your favorite color? WHITE. Few men have the guts to wear all white looks because this color highlights every imprefection you have. But you boys will rock this look, won’t you? #MenStreetStyle



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