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Gigi Hadid is one of the most famous models worldwide. She is featured in a inititive of the fashion magazine Vogue. It’s called “73 Questions” series where famous people answer 73 questions in just a few minutes.

She begins by telling the interviewer, “Now I’m finally doing it!” Oh well, we are glad she did it because, that way, we can get to knw her better. She made a tour through the IMG office and talked about past Vogue photoshoots and many more. She even displayed her favourite Taylor Swift songs, and what it’s like to have her very own Barbie.

The best thing in the interview was the question about her boyfriend’s tatoos. The British singer, Zayn has a relationship with the model since November 2015 (officially). In fact, after her Q&A of Gigi, the fans asked for Zayn to be next.

Hadid knows the secrets to happiness and success  and she revealed them all. Kidding! Oh well, most of them. The behind the scenes moment was revealing that even supermodels fall asleep in their makeup.

One of the best advices of  Hadid would be to listen our parents:

“If you’re not the nicest, most hardworking girl in the industry, there’s going to be someone prettier, nicer, and more hardworking”, says Hadid.

Here is the full interview of the supermodel Gigi Hadid for Vogue!

Here are the best street style looks worth looking at. It’s those model off duty kind of looks we love.

Info Source: Vogue, Daily Mail, E Online

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