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These summer days and hot nights are getting to your skin and hair. During this season, we are much more exposed to all those factors that tend to affect your beauty. The hair is part of it. It’s not that fresh, because all those surprising things you do that make it greasy!

Let’s find out more about them! So, here are 8 things that make your hair oily.

#1. The hair brush has too much hair in it

Besides the fact that it’s so disgraceful to leave your hair brush full of hair in the bathroom, it’s unhygienic. Ever if it’s yours, the hair left there must be thrown away. The explanation would be that you transfer the oil from them to the fresh threads.

#2. Dirty Hair Straightener

The metal from the hair straightener and the curling iron gather certain particles after every use. It might be dust, dirt and other impurities that transfer to the clean hair if you use them. Try to clean them from time to time with cotton pads and alcohol from the pharmacy.

#3. Washing it too often

If you wash your hair too often, you break the natural process to remake the sebum. Too often means daily or once every 2 days. Unfortunately, if you do so, your hair will produce even more sebum. Try to wash it max 2 times every week.

#4. Too much hair conditioner

Even if it makes wonders for your hair, be careful when using it. If you choose a concentrated formula and you apply it on your scalp, you’ll affect it. The hair conditioner is meant to be used only on the peaks.

#5. Touching it too often

The feelling is amazing, but it’s toxic. It’s the same thing when you touch your face. You might be dirty on your hands and to transfer it on your hair. Besides the dirt, you transfer the grease from your hands, too. If you have bangs, it’s even worse.

#6. Too much hair brushing

If you brush it too often, you stimulate the sebum secretion. If you still feel the need to do it, just brush the inferior part and the peaks. Leave the superior part of your hair alone.

#7. You use the wrong styling products

Choose light formulas because the rough ones may affect your hair. If you have a wrong type of product, it’s the same thing. It simply affects it. A true example would be a shampoo for curly hair, when you have a straight one.

#8. Too much dry shampoo

Detox your hair 3-4 times a month. It’s possible that you might have an addiction with the dry shampoo and your hair needs a break. The best products are the clarifying or the exfoliating one.

Our advice is to take care of it because it’s your “business card” in personal and prefessional activities.


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