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Everyone seems to have the interest to look thinner in pictures. It’s like everyone’s obsessed with it! Half of the world’s population is looking for a solution that is nowhere to be found. Those in the fashion industry have invented ways to accomplish that.

It’s not like there’s a real problem, but if a girl gets something it mind, it’s impossible to stop it. A small waist is needed in most of the beauty standards of our modern reality. It’s not that comfortable, but women out there seem to get used to these measurements. Even if you’re in the curvy size, you still want to get the perfect waist. This will help you accentuate even more the down side.

Besides a healthy lifestyle including a good alimentation and exercise, there is something more. Photo effects and adjustments will get you the body you want, but you have to adjust the reality. You can surely pass on the 10 easy ways on how to make your waist look smaller.

Further more, you’ll look thinner and fit. Here they are!

#1. The Waistline

The ideal 90-60-90 is something ideal to get when it comes to your measurements? You just have to know that trick fot the wonder silhouette. You just have to forget the traditional waistlines and choose higher or lower waistlines to alter your silhouette.

it’s a trick worth trying because it will distract the attention. Some clothing pieces are strongly fitted and structured. Have you ever heard of wonder blazers? Many brands design them, but Dior is the most famous design of them all. The fashion house usually makes some of the best fitted blazers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it, because many brands include this item in their clothing lines.

These items are perfectly structured in the shoulder and hip area. Therefore, it manages to make your waist appear smaller in comparison.

#2. The Right Colors

Everybody knows the basics: white makes everything look bigger, dark makes everything look smaller. Why is color such an important thing when it comes to fashion?

Everything happens for a reason. Designers spend hours on picking just the right shade for their design and the season they create for. You should know that it’s not always about the trends. Sometimes, it’s also about the actual fit. It’s pretty difficult to choose a color to suit multiple personalities and the right shade to look trendy.

Light colors will make you appear bigger than you actually are. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear light shades. It’s about the cut, the material and the actual design. In stores, there are tons of choices to pick on.

Dark colors, on the contrary, will make you look smaller. So, the best way to show off a small waist would be wearing a monochrome dark color dress or a deux-pieces. It will highlight your figure more than never and it will look classy. If your top and bottom are of different colors, make sure the top is darker. This trick will get the attention on the upper side because it’s color blocking.

Another trick you can do is wear dresses with black details or cuts around the waist area. The best ones are on the sides. There are many dresses out there especially designed to make the customer look slimmer. The black side panels are there for this exact reason.

If you’re going with a color blocking outfit, just make sure the color of the waist area is darker.

#3. Wrap Dresses

The wrap dresses are the best invention ever. Due to the V-cut, a wrap dress will make you look thinner in seconds. It’s capable of exposing your shoulders rather than the waist.

So, no matter where your issue of insecurity is located, thanks to the wrap, you’re a happy girl. The belt sets a clear line before your waist starts. Some wrap dresses might have an unfortunate fabric that will highlight even more. These are bad choices for you, because they are overall a very helpful emergency dress to own.

#4. Prints Here and There

Everyone seems to be scared of prints. What’s so frightening about them? Some prints are quite helpful if you need to make your waist look smaller. By know, you already found out that horizontal stripes will make you look fuller. It’s better to pick vertical ones or make sure the shirt fits you right. It will make you even taller and thinner.

We advise you to avoid small prints and large polka dots. These are the standard prints that fall into the slimmer versus fuller categories to think of. if you simply fell in love with a particular print, the mirror is your best friend. Think objectively and look at your outfit. Act based on your intuition, and lastly, choose to ear it or not. The mirror in front of you is an honest friend.

#5. Accessories

One of the most effective of them all is the accessorizing. Some accessories like wide belts can do the same trick of a fitted blazer. The good news is that our fashion sense enhanced with all those street style looks, fashion magazines and blogs. Nowadays, you can dare to wear a wide belt over nothing but a blazer or a cardigan. Some of the items include belts in the actual design.

Accessorizing also means shoes – heeled shoes or platforms. The key to make the waist smaller is to look taller than usual.

Another trick would be to distract viewers’ attention by investing in colored jewelry, scarves or handbags. Let your waist area go behind the scenes and continue the show with the accessories. The latest invention of a slimmer body using accessories is the choker. This one is fixed around your neck and it will makes you taller and thinner.

#6. High-Waist Bottoms

Are you concerned about that tummy? Or do you wish something could just hold your waist together while you look sophisticated. All you need is just a good pair of high-waist jeans.

Denim is everyone’s best friend. It’s affordable, it comes in different cuts and colors and it structures everything. Being a very firm fabric, it means that will enhance your body and hide. Once you make it high-waist, you basically increase the area this fashion item can cover.

Same goes for fitted, high-waist shorts and skirts. Keep in mind to pick firm fabrics, otherwise your outfit might result in a baggy look. This is the exact opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish.

#7. Modeling Lingerie

This one comes in different structures, but one thing’s for sure! The modeling lingerie will gather all those “leftovers” and will make the waistline almost perfect. you can even wear it beneath dresses, skirts, pants, jeans. It’s practically invisible, but it worth your while.

For sure it will bring back all those cheeseburgers you ate for dinner. Next day at work, the pencil skirt will look great above the modeling underwear. A modeling corset might seem the best idea when you can’t fit it in your tight favorite dress. Here’s the solution on boosting your spirit and wear it above all!

#8. Oversize Clothes

One of the hottest trends at the moment, oversize clothing can’t make your waist look smaller. Some of you might think that, on the contrary, it will make you bigger. Sweaters, T-shirts, baggy buttoned shirts and, most importantly, the poncho seems to be a little too big on you.

These are some of the ways you can play the oversize card for your benefit. The only rule is to accentuate your legs by wearing skinny jeans, black leggings or high heels. The key to success is not to be baggy from bottoms up, rather than to be oversize in only one area. Otherwise, you might end up looking ridiculous.

#9. Short Blazers

Blazers were probably invented for the purpose of making us look fitter. They contour the body in an ideal way and this is another fashion trick you can choose. These items get wider on the bottom, so a short blazer will conceal your waist. What’s the logic explanation? It will distract other’s attention onto your legs.

The palette of short blazers is wide open. You can even vary the cut to fur jackets or vests. Yo can even wear one combining some other trick previously mentioned. So, if you can get your hands on a glam fur jacket, you got it all from a short blazer and oversize trend.

#10. High Heels

It’s an old trick that will visually get everyone’s attention – in a good way of course. Your height will compensate your waist because you are taller. It’s like the proportions disperses here and there. That’s the reason why high heels are still in fashion and always will be. Oh, well, they are classy, glamorous and feminine, too!

The thing is, once you step up on them, they make your body look slick and your legs elongated. Some of you might not be used to them or even find it hard work wearing the. Many muscles of your body are working while you stand or walk. Why not work them on heels and look prettier in the same time?! Flats, on the other hand, will make your body look shorter and your waist fuller.

we love all colors on them To get the best results, try wearing nude colors for high heels. The right height for you will naturally make you look taller. it’s just like they are extensions to your awesome legs. nude or color blocking, the color is up to you. It’s a myth that the higher the heel, the closer to perfection you would be. Try to be comfortable and confident wearing them. The purpose isn’t to walk around in them and fall at the first step.

Remember that these are short-term solutions to your problem. If you want your waist to look thinner for real, you should maintain it. A healthy lifestyle will assure you the desire effect. If not, learn to love your own body, because we are all unique. If it’s different, it doesn’t mean it’s wring. No one ever said all waists should look the same, right?

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