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Are you ready for the summer? Find out what are the exact items to own to get through it! The most expected season of the year has arrived and is ready to take out the best of it!

These items are a must have in your wardrobe. You already have some of them, so you must know how to wear them accordingly.

#1. Jeans

The denim is timeless. This season, jeans are colored, printed, in different shapes, with different textures on them, with patchwork etc. No questions asked, they are present in everyone closet. Wear them how you want! High waisted, boyfriend jeans, ripped, cropped, skinny, with glitter, patchwork and florals, you must have an interesting pair. Wear them with ruffled shirt and platforms for an urban-stylish look.

#2. A Cool Blazer

Even though the temperature is rising, it’s essential to have something for the cold days or nights. A neutral blazer saves you no mater the occasion. For an edgy look, choose a vibrant one and wear it with shorts and sneakers.

#3. A Jumpsuit

If you’re in a hurry, but you still want to look fabulous, a jumpsuit may be the perfect thing to wear. It’s easy to wear one and it gives you that glam look for a party. It’s sophisticated if you wear it with heels and fine jewelry.

#4. A Swimsuit

What’s the coolest thing about the summer? The weather. The hot weather. To make it through the day, go to the pool with a stylish colored swimsuit. Don’t forget about the accessories: sunglasses, a hat and the beach bag. Also, take with you the sun protecting cream.

#5. A T-shirt

The most versatile of them all, the T-shirt is an item you must own no matter what. Wear it in the most unconventional combinations. Choose colors, prints, funny prints, cool messages and wear them with sneakers, heels, platforms, stilettos – whatever you like.

#6. The Shirt Dress

It’s trendy, comfy and a hot thing to wear this season. Choose cotton, denim or florals for the summerish vibe. You get to choose the length you want: mini, midi, maxi. Also, the type you want: tight, flare or something in between.

#7. A Casual Suit

The Italians wear it with sneakers on their bikes. Choose the same styling for the office look. It’s something else and highly appreciated to try on. Dare to be different!

#8. The Gladiator Sandals

Among the items you should try on this summer, add the gladiator sandals. Choose neutral ones or a light blue shade to get the greek look.

#9. Stripes

They are so cool and fresh. Besides the fact that it’s a classic print, it looks good on everyone. Either it’s a bandana, a shirt, a dress or just a bag, stripes are a hot thing to wear.


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