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About us

Inspired by our love for art, design and culture we created Fashion Worldwide, a platform dedicated to fashion, fashion industry and fashion lovers.

Our mission is to build bridges across borders and cultures and to connect fashion professionals and its clients from all over the world. Fashion Worldwide is dedicated to removal of barriers within fashion industry by promoting values like innovation, creativity and quality.

We believe that each human being is unique and beautiful and that fashion has the mission to highlight this unique beauty. It helps you bring out the beauty as the ultimate expression of self.

Show the world your vision and artistic skills, connect with people, share experiences, build strong long term relationships and evolve professionally. Fashion Worldwide provides access to designs and trends and help you make your voice heard worldwide.

Either you represent `high-fashion` branch or `mass-fashion` you must agree that fashion industry needs to find new approaches of revealing its charms.

At the same time, Fashion Worldwide has the mission to support the new generation of design talents. We give them the opportunity to promote themselves and evolve through our platform, by submitting and sharing their designs.

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