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accessories for sports jacket and jeans

Sports jacket and jeans may sometimes be a risky combination.  Therefore, it is essential to choose the right color, cut or fabric to make it a successful combination. On the other hand it is advisable to use it with the right accessories and make the best of it.

accessories for sports jacket and jeans

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Regardless of the choices you make the main idea is that the jacket looks less formal.  You can also achieve that by using accessories that go well with this outfit. Do you need some suggestions?

Accessories to go with sports jacket and jeans

Here are a few tips on how to make the best of your outfit.

#1. The shirt

The shirt should provide a double-layered look. Collared shirts would be the wisest choice. They can be casual, button-down, short-sleeve or polo. Keep it simple. No prints or aggressive colors and no glittering are recommended. If you wonder about T-shirts, they are to be avoided this time. As comfortable as they are, they are far too casual to match the rest of the outfit. However, if you are not very passionate about shirts, you may try a V-neck  sweater or a casual waistcoat.

#2. The Tie

Some may say a tie is not at all suitable as we do not want to look very formal. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong to wear a casual tie made of wool or jersey.


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#3. The shoes

Avoid anything that may appear too formal. Oxford shoes or Balmoral shoes are not an option for sports jacket and jeans. Monk shoes, on the other hand, as well as Loafers would be an excellent choice. As far as color is concerned, you should definitely try oxblood or brown. Not black though. It will give you that official look.

#4. Other accessories 

You can also add a wrist watch, bracelets or even rings. Remember the golden rule: nothing that will make you look too precious, too official or too formal. Keep it simple and choose what makes you feel comfortable.


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