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Alice Hawkins is considered to be one of the biggest fashion photographers in the world. Her work can be found in ad campaigns and editorials in Vogue, LOVE, i-D, Garage Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, and Vanity Fair.

Her work is sexy and intriguing, and reaches the core of her subjects in her commercial and fine art fashion photography campaigns. She has ad campaigns for Diesel, Agent Provocateur, Topman and not only.

Photo Source: Pinterest (“The Liver Birds”, Cara Delevingne in LOVE #9)

Alice Hawkins looks just like Dolly Parton and even likes to hang out with gangsters, showgirls and topless models. She also happens to be one of the fashion world’s hottest photographers.

“Yes, you could laugh at so many people who make a bit of an effort but aren’t fashionable. I think people who aren’t fashionable are the most interesting.”

In 2002, at the age of 29, Alice graduated from Camberwell Arts College. She soon started working with the most prestigious fashion titles including American Harper’s Bazaar and Russian Vogue.

She considered the fashion industry the farest of them all. It was not that aspiring to the world of fashion, but she soon gave it a chance and stayed in this business for quite some time.

 “Fashion is great, but it’s not really me. It’s like fantasy and I’m not living in fantasy, I just want the people I photograph to look good. If I saw a woman walk past with brilliant hair I’d be out the door asking for her number. If I didn’t, I’d regret it for two weeks.”


For fashion shoots in India and Texas she shot people she found on the street. She’s attracted to those who “make an effort” or even make a difference and sees herself as a fairy godmother of glamour, sprinkling a bit more stardust over her subjects.

Photo Source: Pinterest (“Desolate Coast” for Garage Magazine)

“There’s a sort of purity in it that makes it unique. I don’t really look at those photographers for inspiration. I look at Diane Arbus or Joel Sternfeld – people photographers, landscape photographers. But I like that I’m getting the best of both worlds now. I’ve got the fashion and the hair and make-up if I need it, but I’ve also got the real people.”

Info Source:, Pinterest.

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