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Arnaud Pyvka

Arnaud Pyvka is a hotographer, artistic director, publisher. He is an artist in the true meaning of the word. His work has grace and softness, and we all know that is harder to achieve than a straight and bright shot. He uses soft filters to create evocative fashion photography.

He has a unique style, and he uses colors as they are, straight, off-center and big-flash photographs.

Photo Source: Pinterest (Janice Alida for Marie Claire Italia September 2015 | Dolce & Gabbana)

Pyvka takes photos of things, people, moments and situations in a way that is playful and truly vibrant. He uses Instagram to document his life and he takes out the emotions.  We see photo sessions, the people he meets on his travels, and his life with family and friends.

When he first used Instagram, he said he would use it in private, in order to learn it well. Then, he discovered that it’s a great way to transmit emotions, things, faces, moments with the other users.

“Suddenly it became the obvious way to share a diary with my friends. A few months later, during an agency presentation with a client, the creative director presented my work and spoke about <Instagram chroma>.

Since then, he used a lot of cameras, which he always carries with him, and he posts 24 hours after because it takes time to develop them. The interesting fact is that Arnaud doesn’t use Instagram filters any more.

After studying modern history, Arnaud Pyvka began a career in photography, cinema and art direction. He is the co-creator of the magazine DOUBLE back in 1999 and he even served as its creative director, then editor-in-chief. Today he is the co-publisher.

He is one of the most famous fashion photographers and its portfolio consists in Play Station, Berluti, Bergdorf Goodman, Joes’s Jeans, Sthill, Samsung, Diane Von Furstenberg, Eurostar, Nestlé, Céline, SNCF, Bonpoint,  Comptoir des Cotonniers.

Pyvka is also the art director for famous brands like Samsung, Toyota, Levis, Giorgio Armani Perfumes, Martin Margiela runway shows, and for exhibitions.

Its expositions can be found in Musée de la Marine, exposition avec Guy Pellaert, Bank Galerie (Paris).

You can see his full portfolio on

Info Source: Loeil De La Photographie, Haley Williams 22.

Photo Source: Pinterest 


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