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Artem Shumov

“Russia, with its tumultuous history and rich cultural heritage, is an unexplored treasure trove of inspiration for any fashion designer“. – Artem Shumov

Artem Shumov is a highly recognized name on the Moscow fashion, despite having arrived from St. Petersburg. His attitude and his designs imply global ambitions.

He has rapidly become one of Russia’s favorite designers and his creative mind has gained international attention. Hence, Shumov masterfully translates the angst into wearable, modern looks in a daring choice of fabrics, shapes, and colors.

Artem Shumov

“I am trying to mix styles. Our life is super-fast now. We have no time to change our clothes for office, dinners, dates, etc. We wear the same clothes all day long. I think that the best kind of an outfit is the one suitable for any lifestyle and occasion.” says the young designer about his work.

No glitz, no kitsch, no bravura

Artem Shumov

He is young and he works hard. Even more, he has talent and passion. Shumov creations are also fun, vibrant, resolutely urban with slightly off-kilter styling. Over the past several seasons, is pushing the Russian menswear industry forward, hopefully paving the way for others.

Artem Shumov is a menswear brand, winning several international design contests. At the beginning of his career he worked with Tatyana Parfionova, Lilia Kisselenko and Vika Gazinskaya. In the past 4 years, Artem Shumov has become one of the most popular menswear designers in Russia; the brand is presented in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Shanghai.

The latest collection was featured in Tranoi Showroom in Paris.

Furthermore, if you want to discover more about his brand and his collections, click here.

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