Did you know that the classic T-shirt is the most versatile clothing item from a woman’s wardrobe? Everyone can rock a simple white T-shirt with these tips and tricks in the casual fashion style.

Celebrities (Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Cara Delevigne, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian) and fashion bloggers (Blake Von D, Nicole Warne, Chriselle Lim) include this item in their own personal style. It’s a cool item that you can combine with almost everything. Here are the coolest outfits you can start wearing from today!

  • When you choose an elegant outfit choose a white shirt, a blazer and a pair of jeans (flare / skinny / mom jeans) or even office pants. On top of it, choose a massive necklace or long layered pearls around your neck. Kristina of Kayture Fashion Blog pulls off that effortless, casual vibe by wearing her white blazer with a pair of relaxed boyfriend jeans.

Photo Source: Pinterest

  • For a #girlie look, wear the basic T-shirt with a pleated skirt or a midi leather one. DO NOT FORGET the stilettos! The T-shirt can be either simple, either with a “fashion message” like the #statement ones  from DIOR.

Photo Source: Teen Vogue

  • For the rock vibe, wear it with a pair of leather pants and jacket with metallic details. Please remember to take with you the biker boots / Chelsea boots and layers of your favorite chains.

Photo Source: Pinterest

  • The navy mood begins with a navy print! White + blue, white + red, white + black – either way, do not forget the “messenger” type of bag.

Photo Source: Pinterest

  • Cool girl. School girl. The overalls are a big hit this season and there’s no reason not to buy one!

Photo Source: Lookastic, Pinterest.

  • The summer is knocking on our door! Our favorite summer look consists in a maxi skirt / dress + a uni T-shirt. Choose a colored cardigan and wear it on your shoulders. This season is quite trendy to wear it like that!


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