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Nowadays, a woman has multiple activities to do and a lot of jobs to do. She has to be a wife, a mother, employee, sister, daughter, friend and a lot more. Therefore, most women have to balance between work, family and themselves.

Many of us would love to have a full hour in the morning to get ready and to drink the coffee peacefully. It’s quite difficult to achieve that considering the fact that there are a lot to do during a week. You get tired and you would prefer to sleep more, rather than to wake up and get awesome!

Every woman needs extra hours per week for scrubs, masks, manicures and pedicures and not only. We rarely have that privilege! On the other hand, we all want to look good and presentable when we go out. If you consider yourself a busy woman who needs the fastest and the most effective beauty routine, you’re the one to read these! We’ve got to tell you some awesome time-saving tricks that you should try starting NOW.

#1. Semi-Permanent Makeup

The semi-permanent looks probably represent the best advice we could give to all busy women out there. It’s a little bit tricky the meaning of semi-permanent, but it’s a good shortcut to your beauty routine. For example, the eyelash extensions are durable, up to 6 months.

Nowadays many girls choose this method, because in the morning when they wake up are already awesome! The lash extensions and the microblading are the roads to take on.

Another trick to consider would be the semi-permanent lips contouring. This is the best way to get out of the house without even putting a lipstick on. Is there a better thing than that? You won’t worry about the transfer of your lipstick on other surfaces, because you don’t wear one.

#2. Effortless Curls

The street style looks are filled with this kind of curls. Every girl out there seems to be obsessed with them. But how it’s done?

As you already know, the curling iron is strong time-consuming and rarely used, especially in the morning. No one really has the time to get her hair twisted piece by piece. Who has that kind of time. The good news is that you can still get those beautiful beachy waves in an effortless way. And here’s how!

First, wash your hair the night before and braid it while it’s still wet. It’s better to decide whether you want wavy hair or tight curs. Depending on that, twist 4-6 braids. The next thing to do is to reveal them in the morning. After you unbraid your hair, you’ll see that you’ll get those beautiful bloggers-approved waves. Lastly, spray your hair with some hairspray to keep the curls in place.

#3. Focus on Eyebrows and Lashes

The lash extensions will make your eyes appear larger and you won’t need mascara at all. If you already have long lashes you could do an upgrade with some threads. The microblading is a semi-permanent technique for filling the eyebrows. With your eyebrows and eyelashes already settled, you already are on the halfway to the best beauty routine anyone can have.

Make sure your eyebrows are always in shape and you will instantly look more presentable. Nicely shaped brows are easier for filling as well. If you really have to apply an eyebrow mascara on an brow pencil, you already have the ideal shape. It’s so much easier to work with.

Lashes, on the other hand, bring a refreshing note to your look because they open your eyes and make you look more awake and rested.

#4. Dry Shampoo

The best invention of them all would be the dry shampoo. If you are on a tight schedule you must own this product. It’s difficult to schedule washing your hair, then dry it, then hairstyle it. You must use the right products in a specific order and all that. You still have to do it all, but not so often. The dry shampoo will cut your time in half.

Regardless how hard you try sometimes you won’t have the time to wash your hair and style it all over again. Dry shampoo is the fastest solution for your oily roots. Make sure you spray at least 8 inches away from your hair and distribute it into your hair with a brush or your fingers.

Sometimes these products leave you with white powder. If you sprayed more that you should use a blow-dryer and move your fingers through your hair for an even application. Dry shampoos will make your hair clean in literally seconds. The effect lasts for nearly 4 hours. After that, you won’t get the same volume but you’ll still look amazing if you fluff it a little bit.

#5. Skincare Products

The multipurpose skincare products are just right for the extremely busy women out there. You can’t really commit to a 5-step skincare routine. It’s difficult to even remember it, even harder to do it. It takes too long and time is a luxury for you.

You will start to skip steps, get lazy or tired and end up with nothing. Even so, you’ll try. The best way is to find a multipurpose moisturizer that has SPF and acts like a primer at the same time. The BB/CC creams tend to do all that. Lately, everyone is obsessed with DD creams.

The Best Skincare Routine For Your 40s

Luckily there are many hydrating sunscreen gels that car for your skin. These provide the needed protection at all times in every aspect. On the top of that, the sheer consistency doesn’t leave residue behind. They even prepare your skin for a flawless makeup application.

Everyone knows that a woman shouldn’t fall asleep with her makeup on. NEVER! Get an effective facial cleanser to remove your makeup and apply moisturizer afterward. You owe it to your skin! ABove it all, remember that your skin is important. It gives you the whole look, the age, the health and much more.

#6. Multipurpose Makeup

When you have a tight schedule you can’t really go through all the steps you saw in a beauty tutorial on YouTube or beauty blogs. It’s difficult to scroll down the steps, to even remember the products to buy and to get it done correctly.




Nowadays many looks are appealing and you want to try them all, but leave them for the weekend. Or not. Instead of using different colors for your eyes, cheeks, and lips, get a multi functional product that can do all. There are many multipurpose sticks on the market that you can use as a lipstick, blush and even eye shadow. These products are usually very sheer and you can’t mess up your makeup at all.

#7. Order in everything

The makeup products has to be in the right place to see them all and use what suits you the best. It’s the same with closing. A right space for your clothes will give you ideas on how to wear them. It’s important to see them all, ordered to color or type. Find the specific order that makes sense for you and start using them right.

The last thing that you need in the morning is to run like crazy looking for your foundation or the lipstick you want. Remember not to keep all your makeup in one place. Separate and organize the products that you use every day in the order you are using them. Or by color, type or size.

This will cut the unnecessary waste of time when you go through your beauty bags. You tend to use them in the bathroom and just leave it there, in a corner. It’s wrong to desperately look for them every morning!

I hope I understood you well enough to give you the right advice. The time-saving solutions are welcomed in this time-saving world.

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