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If the contouring and strobing technique were too much for you, we’ve got news: the latest 2017 beauty trend is draping and it’s based on using the blush.

This season is quite interesting when it comes to makeup tips and tricks. If up until now, you were into contouring and strobing in order to obtain the perfect skin, here’s the new obsession in your makeup routine.

The new technique is draping and it was first presented by the make-up artist Way Brandy. So, from now on, you can enjoy it every single day and your skin will get that glow we all search for. The draping is based on the colored blush, in order to accentuate the bone structure of your face and its highest points of interest.

The effect will be totally different from the bronze effect of the blush, meant to leave the ilussion of a sun kissed kind of skin. To be precise, the draping technique combines the 2 other techniques mentioned before, to give you the finest glow on your skin and a radiant kind of look. 

Even more, it creates the ilussion of a narrow face structure because, it lifts the features of your face.

How to rock the latest makeup trend?


You’ll need 2 shades of blush, from the same chromatic palette.


Start by using the darker shade under your cheek bones. The, tap it with the lighter shade. The movements must be ascending if you want to look spectacular.


The secret behind this technique is blending, therefore you’ll need a buffing brush or a Beauty Blender sponge.

In order to have a balanced makeup, well focused on the key points of your face, expand the color on your chin and arcades.

The look is inspired from the ’80s, when women everywhere used the oly 2 shades of blush they could find: peach for the warm undertones of the skin, and pink for the cold undertones.

What do you think of the draping technique? Did you try it?


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