Fashion Worldwide: Berlin and Fashion in 2017
Berlin and Fashion

One of the most stimulating creative and cultural centers in Europe, Berlin is unpredictable and irresistible. Some will say it is great for its fabulous architecture and museums, other will argue that it is the best clubbing city in Europe.

Indeed, clubber culture has become a life style and music is a religion here. And that means artists, great music, young spirit and vibrant fashion style!

Paris has prestige for its haute couture, Milan is the world fashion center for its luxury and New York fashion is about celebrity glamour. Berlin is different. It offers an intriguing mix of hip street wear, the latest in business attire and plenty of avant-garde young spirit.

Berlin fashion

German Fashion in numbers:

Even more, the city has the largest economy in the entire Europe! Put in other words: “Germany is Europe’s biggest fashion retail market where even fast fashion giants such as H&M and Zara make an impressive turnover of over 40 billion euros per year.”

Berlin is Germany’s fashion capital with more than 2,400 companies in the design industry and more than 22,800 people employed. Sounds like a Fashion Big Center, indeed!

About Berlin Fashion Week:

Twice a year, the German city becomes an international stage for fashion and lifestyle. Since its establishment in July 2007 it has gained great international attention for its many creative young designers who are flourishing in the fashion capital of Berlin.

This year, Berlin Fashion Week starts from 4th to 7th July 2017. This season again, the city is showing its innovative fashion side, presenting the latest trends and discussing current topics around FashionTech and Eco Design.

The StyleNite by Berlin-based designer Michael Michalsky takes place at the Berlin Fashion Show.  It became globally famous for its unusual performances of different art disciplines combined with state-of-the-art fashion.

Tickets for the event and more information are available here.

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