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jewelries for men

First of all, are jewelries for men also? Is there a limit in wearing them?

jewelries for men

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People would argue on this. On one hand, there are some saying that jewelries are exclusively feminine accessories. Therefore, they would never fit a man. Traditionalists would even state that the only jewelries a man should wear are a nice watch, a pair of cuffs and maybe a wedding ring. On the other hand, modern fashion designers think that it is only a preconception. Moreover, they do not agree with these limitations on social basis.

As far as men’s jewelries are concerned, history shows us that men were privileged in certain periods of time. Why not wearing them today?

Why not wearing jewelries for men?

Jewelries for men can be an important feature to define their personality. Of course, it is each man’s choice whether to wear them or not. However, here are some suggestions on the topic.

  • Cufflinks go very well with an elegant shirt. They tend to be extremely popular nowadays. These decorative items will provide a stylish look. Always try and keep it simple and match it to your outfit. However, if you want to personalize them, you may want to choose a short chain to connect the two discs or a monogram or a certain pattern.
  • Necklaces may seem quite a daring attempt to look fashionable. You can choose a stainless steel chain or a leather string. Of course, gold and silver are also an option. A cross or pendants may adorn the necklace, as long as it is not too extravagant. Nonetheless, be careful about matching them with your outfit.
  • Tie fasteners are mostly practical instruments rather than fashion items. They connect the tie to the shirt holding it in place. At the same time, they give an extremely elegant look.
  • Rings are some of the most appreciated jewelries for men these days. As long as they are simple and show good taste, they will add this elegant touch to your style.
  • Metal bracelets are suitable to casual outfits. However, if you choose them wisely, you may match them to your formal outfit also. Also, if they are not very thick, they will be a perfect match for a wrist watch. Unlike metal bracelets, leather bracelets are exclusively for casual outfits.
  • Wrist watches are the most common jewelries for man. They are very classy and to complement your refined and luxurious taste.


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