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“Turkey has the most amazing layers of different cultural and historical backgrounds. It’s always been an inspirational source for creative people.”- Bora Aksu

Interested in art since he was a child, Bora Aksu was born in Izmir, Turkey in a family of doctors.

“I didn’t want to be a fashion designer, but I wanted to be an illustrator. I had this strong sense of expressing myself with drawing.”


Even if he doesn’t go to Turkey very often, Aksu is very close to his native country and to” its unique blend of old and new”.

The Turkish designer received his first acclaim when he graduated from Central St Martin’s MA in 2002. The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent named him “the star of the show”. His collection also attracted the eye of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna who purchased pieces to use as inspiration.

In February 2003 he presented his first collection.

A resounding success! Bora’s debut was named “one of the top five shows” by the press and subsequently led Aksu to receive the New Generation Award placing him on the official London Fashion Week schedule the very next season. In total four consecutive New Generation Awards were given to him.


His dark romantic aesthetics…

Romantic but always with a darker twist, his demi-couture pieces are full of elegance, intrigue and seduction.

“I do like making feminine clothes. When I make clothes, it’s always based on the woman’s body and the form of the woman’s body, but I also like to twist a bit”.

His creations are synonyms with femininity, grace and romanticism.

Another quality is the haute-couture spirit of his clothes, with very neat details, elegant shapes and unusual manufacturing.

Even more, Bora pays lots of attention to the ethical aspect of production: he uses recycled latex, eco-friendly leather and fur; most of his garments are produced in Great Britain, often by little-known companies.


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