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For quite some time, Karl Lagerfeld takes us to different destinations one more spectacular than another, especially when it comes to Chanel Cruise. Among them, we could find Dubai, Rome and Cuba. For his last collection, the famous designer decided to come back to its origins, Paris.

His latest Chanel Cruise was intitled “The Modern Antiquity” and was inspired by the cultural side of Greece. The location became an amazing set of ruins and typical columns of the Ancient Greece, a true replika of the Temple of Poseidon.

To be more precise with that,  The Chanel Cruise 2017/18 Show took place into the french house The Grand Palais. As usual, things managed to overcome what’s expected and it all became a show in the true meaning of the word.


The designs were impeccable and were the true example of the one shoulder silhouettes. The golden details and the hair accessories were meant to represent oppulence and fulfilled the sole purpose to show a true greek goddess.

Lagerfeld managed to revive a past epoch because of the Nymph dresses that symbolize the fluidity. There were folded pants and tweed items and everything was put together in an unexpected way. Why? Because there were expensive and precious jewelry, with pearls and glitter combined with a line of hip-hop clothing items like golden top and shorts.

The statement piece of the actual collection was the perfect combination of antique times and modern times: the over the knee sandals, bolder than never because they were available in a wide palette of vibrant colors: yellow, blue, red, black.

These items were everywhere and you should know that it’s a hard thing to do when it comes to fit a single type of shoes to all the outfts to express the actual vision of the collection. 

You go, Karl!

Here are the looks of CHANEL Cruise 2017/18 Womenswear Collection.

Here is the full fashion show.

Photo Source: Getty Images, YouTube.


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