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cheap electric cars
cheap electric cars

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Are you trying to find cheap electric cars? The future brings us more and more solutions for our need to evolve. Electric cars represent one of these solutions. We are tired of fighting pollution and fuel issues. That is why people are in a permanent search for things to make our life easier.

However, when we think about buying a car, we do not tend to consider electric cars. And that is because there is no such thing as cheap electric cars! They are quite expensive, or at least too much for our budget. Moreover, battery seems to take a lot of time to recharge. And we all need our car to be functional and operational 24/7, don’t we?

On the other hand, there are indisputable advantages of having an electric car. Less taxes, reserved parking, exclusive driving lanes. As they are an excellent solution to reduce pollution, you can get subvention to buy one.

Top 5 cheap electric cars

1.VW e-up

This is by far the cheapest electric car on the market. You get 160 km autonomy due to a battery of 18,7 kWh.  The engine of 82 Hp ensures 12.4 seconds to accelerate. It also provides enough space due to its design.

2. Nissan Leaf

It is considered a true path breaker in electric propulsion technology.  This car is among the list of 100% electric cars. Beside being a performer, it also  changes peoples’ prejudices related to electric propulsion. 109 Hp engine, a 24 or 30 kWh battery and 199 or even 250 km autonomy is what makes it a great car.

3. Renault Zoe

At the moment this is one of the most marketable electric cars in Europe. ZOE looks quite  futuristic and daring. The aerodynamic body is very attractive for this type of cars. The hatch back is very functional and wide. This model comes from a modified version of Clio platform. You can have it with 13.3 kWh battery and 240 km autonomy or with 40 kWh battery and 403 km autonomy.

4. Mitsubishi iMiEV

This Japanese car model was launched in 2009. The engine has 67 Hp, which is enough to set the speed at 130 km/h. The battery is 16 kWh with 160 hours autonomy.

5. Kia Soul EV

This is an electric crossover with a large battery of 27 kWh. The electric engine is 112 Hp and the battery provides 212 km autonomy. The trunk is wider than the conventional version of this car and has a thermal engine.

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