Fashion Worldwide, China Fashion: Jenny Ji, when East meets West

“Shanghai was a fashion center at the beginning of 1920’s, and it’s still a very fashionable city. People can accept a lot of things – it doesn’t matter if it’s from the West or East, or from other Asian cities, which is great.” – Jenny Ji, Shanghai designer

Recognized as one of China’s greatest designers, Jenny Ji’s design philosophy blends Chinese traditional chic with modern wit.  Her designs are unique because of the way she combine elements of Chinese tradition with the west vibrant spirit.

She studied at the Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. First years after graduation, Jenny Ji worked at Basic Krizia, Missoni Sport and D’A as a designer and visual director.

In 2012, the young and talented Jenny Ji founded La vie, a fashion and lifestyle brand that also combines the essence of Chinese sophistication with contemporary tailoring. The brand resonates with the growing population of young, independent women.

Since the label’s inception, it has been making waves across Asia, from China to Thailand and Singapore.

Jenny Ji is a very strong proponent of “East meets West,” with modern collections that draw on cultural cues. Hence, her 2010 “Blue Tiger Porcelain” collection took inspiration from Chinese porcelain. The classic style of “Old Shanghai” is a key element of all of her designs and a style guide that Jenny Ji constantly re-invents.

“We pick something traditional and use it in a modern way, make it more fashionable. We’re proud of our history and culture, and we want to do something to remember them – not just put them away.” (Jenny Ji)

Like most Chinese contemporary designers, Jenny Ji’s lines are clean, structure minimal and the elegance dominated by Eastern influence.

Her collection translates globally, the luxurious aesthetic influences innovation. It’s a reminder at how beautiful it is when traditions and culture collide.

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