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running shoes

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The way you choose your running shoes can make the perfect run.

Running seems to be some ordinary activity suitable for everyone. We do it since we are kids. It only comes naturally and you never think there will be a time when you cannot do it anymore. But at  some point some of us stop. We are too busy or we neglect the need for physical activities. Over the years we take our health for granted. That is why we get worried once we notice that our body sends certain signals.

The answer is simple: we need to go back to exercising more. Our body needs to move in order to function properly. And what is the easiest solution for that? Jogging. So we get properly dressed and go to the nearest park. 1o minutes of physical activity can be extremely rewarding. We feel great as we really did it!

The morning after shows us that nothing can be as simple as it seems. Our back hurts as well as our joints and ankles. That happens because we did not consider getting the right running shoes. You think that choosing the shoes for running should not be something that you need to reflect upon. But you do!

Tips to choose the right running shoes

Avoid damaging your health by choosing the right shoes for running.

  • Decide on your aim. Do you run to kip fit or to lose weight? Are you a professional runner? It is very important to adapt your running shoes to your aim.
  • How often do you intend to do it? Choose the type of cushioning according to the distance you want to cover.
  • What type of surface do you run on? Is is grass or is it pavement? Hard surfaces put more pressure on your joints so you need to adapt shoes to protect your body.
  • Knees and joints can also be hurt if you do not consider pronation. You need to provide good support for your feet.
  • In this case, the size does matter. Usually the advice a runner gets is to have the running shoes one size larger. While running the feet tend to enlarge (to dilate).
  • Short distance run for normal weight people requires thinner soles. If not, then you must choose a thicker sole to cushion your feet well enough.
  • The fabric is also important, depending on the season, the aim and the duration.
  • The price is the last thing to think about. A fair price for running shoes can range between 50 -100 dolars.
  • Where to buy them from? Of course, it would be at hand to buy them online. However, make sure you can change them if they do not fit.

Running is healthy for our body. Keep it this way by choosing the right running shoes.

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