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One of the most used fabrics worldwide, cotton, in affordable and qualitative. We all know it and wear it. Without it, we would still wear the Adam and Eve suit.

Since its beginning, people didn’t want to wear synthetic fabric. The cotton was the best choice. In time, it became the main ingredient in the fashion industry but not only.

Here are some interesting facts about cotton and its history.

The first documents say that cotton dates since 6.000 b.C. They first discovered many plantations in Central America, Asia and Africa. They were independent from each other and a miracle from the Mother Nature.

16% of the insecticide worldwide and 11% of the pesticide are used for the cotton plantations. At the worldwide level, cotton occupied only 2,4% of all the cultivated areas.

It takes  1.5 million tons of cotton to sustain the global demand for making jeans. Now, there are more than 20 species of cotton that grow only between 36 S Latitude and 43 N Latitude. China, India, SUA, Pakistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan produce 80% of it together.

The global production reaches up to 25 million tons, which means 60 billion T-shirts.

Either it’s yellow or white, the cotton becomes pink after the pollination. The collected cotton has to dry for 30 days, then every fiber comes off. Out of 100 kg of cotton, one can obtain 40 kg of fibers.

To produce 1 kg of cotton, it takes 7.000 – 20.000 l of water.

For a T-shirt that weights 300 g, it takes 1,5 kg of cotton seeds and 10.000 – 15.000 l of water.

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