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The fashion weeks are “the it” events of the year. Everyone in the fashion industry “get stressed” about these shows. It’s their time of the year when they get to show off everything they got. During these events, the trends are being set, the collections are being shown and the fashion industry blows off its mind.

These shows attract everyone’s attention. Models, photographers, beauty editors, beauty addicts, hairstylists, journalists get excited more than never. Everybody gets interested and pretty involved in it. if they don’t organize it, they attend it. Fashion designers will splash the new collections and the fashion lovers worldwide will see them.

This is the perfect time to attend and show off your best look that would really capture the attention of the media. Those fashion editors will write about you, either good either bad. We all know by now that while the runways display the couture and ready-to-wear designs, the participants set the trends. Everyone’s gets obsessed with street style looks.

These being said, you must pay attention about who and what you are wearing when you step out of the car. it’s extremely important to feel comfortable in those items and represent you 100%. The most stylish people are going to be there so you have to step up your game more than never.

You have to blend in, but also to stick out from the crowd with a particular styling. blending in instead of sticking out like a weed among the flowers. While the Fashion Week is extremely fun to attend, there are certain guidelines to follow. It’s really important to learn how to dress when you are about to attend a fashion week show. Posing for the camera lenses of professional photographers may be a dream come true!

You truly need to make an incredible impression on the high-level individuals present there! No pressure,right?! You future career depends on it. Again, no pressure at all! The networking opportunities are endless here.

There are multiple places you must go throughout the day, to attend it all. This route must be done while you have the best outfit and comfy shoes. It’s s exhausting and it can become a nightmare if you are not ready for it.

One may think that the clothes you wear are the most important. Nope, it’s the impression the pieces leave on. Dressing up for the fashion week can mean that you are promoting your personal brand with the help of other brands. You can dress up to show loyalty towards a certain label. No matter what you are dressing for, remember these fashion and style rules on what to wear to a fashion show!

#1. Be Yourself

Every moment of your life you must be YOU and only you. It’s not that indicated to play a role, especially during these events. It can show off. At the end of the day, you are you and nothing more or less than that. Take a moment to relax and breather it in. Relax, clear your face from every tension and walk tall. Chances are that no one will know that you are nervous or that something doesn’t look as perfect on you wish.


#2. Step into those shoes

One of the most important things is to feel comfy enough to enjoy the moment. For sure you already  bought those gorgeous shoes you are trying to walk on. You already know that the shoes will be grabbing the attention. Try to walk in them while at home, just to be sure that you are able to stand on them. They will hurt, they will kill, but they were made for the Fashion Week. Simply add an insole for comfort or change into another pair of equally chic designer shoes and walk confident. Give the chance to shine bright during this event and who knows, maybe even grab the attention of the photographers. The fashion world stands for this amazing feeling.


#3. Keep it together

It’s quite impressive that you managed to get into this kind of show. The remarkable thing is that you are part of the story, but don’t try to act too much. You are a spectator, not the model at the show. Enjoy the party with all the rest of the fashion people and pay attention to all that is happening there with a lot of common sense. Even if for you means a lot, don’t let it show. Chances are that you will barely even be caught on camera so just go with the flow and try to be a bit more like you.


#4. Know your measurements

There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman get out of a taxi and enter a fashion show venue while looking like an L while she is S. It looks like she borrowed her garments from someone either a size or two bigger or much smaller than herself. We understand those maxi dresses or blazers or those oversize jeans, but this is something else.

We are talking about all those skirts with hems way too short for this era. Be part of the latest fashion trends and chances are to get the attention in a positive way. If you truly insist on wearing those jeans, you should go to a tailor to fix them on your measurements.

Get together and make each piece you are wearing fit you like a glove. We even understand that trend with the interminable sleeves, way too long for your own arms. It’s good to embrace it but make sure that the actual  blouse fits right.


#5. Ditch the sunglasses

When we look of all those photos from fashion week street style, there are sunglasses involved. A fun pair can compliment you, but ditch them as soon as you get in front of the cameras. The problem is that the shows themselves are already very dim. You are cheating yourself by trying to stay incognito and that just won’t do. A woman’s confidence shows more if you are able to walk proud without hiding.


#6. Bring a Friend

Everything is easier when it’s done in a team. The fashion shows themselves may not be very long, but it can get really lonely sitting there alone. it’s good to have a partner to talk to and gossip about the celebrities, the new trends and the outfits. Everyone is inclined to get social, especially during these events. They would want to share their experience with another. It’s more pleasurable than trying to enjoy it on your own. So bring a friend along! You both will have fun!

#7. The accessories make the difference

Though we’ve asked you to put away your glasses while you watch the show, you can definitely take them with you on the red carpet. Don’t be afraid of all those fancy accessories you have and never got to wear them anywhere. Is there a special occasion rather than that? When it comes to the bags, you should actually spend a bit more and get the designer ones not a fake. You may also choose to borrow. Although we all know that fashion always comes at a price, be free to choose few accessories but quality ones. Even though you choose the low prices, make sure that your hand can’t be noticed when it comes green from the rings.


#8. Add a splash of color

An all white, black or nude kind of outfit might be cool if it’s with the best accessories. But it’s much more complicated than that! Add that something particular. You do not need to just stick to a boring old black color, no matter how slimming it may be. just choose a splash of color, no matter where you put it! A pop of color to whatever you plan to wear is more than welcomed. Either you choose a belt, a hat or a handbag, color is good. Wear it with confidence!


#9. Pay attention to the price tags

You want couture, you just have to pay for it. Up until then, you have to pay attention to all the expenses involved. Besides the fact you have to dress for it, you have to get there, sleep and eat. Therefore, the price tags can’t be higher than a your arm or a leg. If you can afford it, no problem. If you get to have a designer that helps you, even better. Invest money for something really worth having. It should be versatile for many occasions. You just have to be able to wear the clothes once again.


Besides all that, make sure you arrive with credentials for the entrance, your ID or an invitation to proove you should be there. There may be no reserved seats so consider the fact that you may be standing or waiting in a long line. If you need to take photos for your website or your magazine, keep it as non-disruptive as possible. Give the show your full attention, because you worked so hard to get there.



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