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These days, there are lots of places in which you can buy a quality suit for a special event in your life. But, special attention needed when it comes to the moment when it’s your own wedding. We thought you could use a guide to stick with when choosing a groom’s suit.

You have to own one that suits you perfectly. Out of multiple choices, you have to find a cut that flatters you and highlights your best features. Starting with the texture and finishing with the color, you have to look perfect that exact day.

#1. Quality

A quality suit it’s imposing. It gives you a certain look that requires respect. It’s the first impression in any type of situation. You have to assume you are in the center of attention, especially that day.

#2. The Material

The material gives the quality of the actual suit, not the lable. Pay attention to the fabric that sticks with the same shape. You’ll wear it for 24 hours, therefore, it has to look good in every moment. The wedding photos will remain forever. The material has to be smooth and flawless.

#3. The Cut

The actual shape and cut is meant for your body. Although, many labels stick with the specific table of sizes, consider to fix it on your own measurements.

#4. Buying a Retail Suit

It can be a good choice. Although you have to admit that it’s difficult to find a soft material and a good cut. The “Fused” type of suit, the choice of all, may be a rigid one. A retail suit can be an ordinary one. Most times, the label doesn’t pay attention to details because of the amont of suits. On the other hand, you may encouter a guest at your wedding wearing the same suit. It can be an uncomfortable situation. A good choice may be a wool suit. Even though you wear it the whole day, it stays in the same shape. We advise you to check the label with the fabric. Search for the Half Canvas or Full Canvas suits to be sure.

#5. Custom Made Suit

It may be the best choice because it’s on your measurements. You get to decide every step of it: the material, details and the cut. Generally it’s a little bit expensive, but it may be worth it. To choose the best color, take a sample and place it on your hand. That way, you’ll figure out if it’s ok. A brand can have 20.000 samples of materials and colors. You can’t check them all. That’s why, choose the color or the fabric to make it easier. Check out the color in the natural light. The color may be look different if it’s a difuse light. Do not take any chances!

No matter the suit you choose, wear it with attitude. You are sure of the step you are making, therefore you have to look amazing in it.

It’s not the suit that wears you, it’s you!

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