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Every woman out there needs it and wears it. Although makeup and clothes tend to get all the attention when it comes to personal style, there’s more. Above all these, there’s the fragrance you wear 24/24. This perfume is strictly connected to your PH and personality. The way it reveals that specifics is the key to success.

Fragrances are supposed to be all about scents you particularly love. Every season, the designers release new scents suitable for every personality. With all the exciting new fragrance releases, it can be quite tricky finding the perfect one. In the following we will show you how to identify your signature style while browsing through all perfumes.

Whether you’re an stylish city girl or a casual like, we’ve searched through the best scents to help you find your match. Here is your inspirational guide to finding your trademark and stick with it for the whole life.

It’s rather loyal of you if you fall in love with a particular scent and wear it every day. It means that is completely represents your personality. Here they are!

#1. The Rebel

The wild kind of girl isn’t restricted to anything. She’s a stranger to all those rules that society imposes and finds sarcasm a fun thing to do. The rebel would dye her hair in the most outrageous ways or she cuts it like she wants. A leather jacket would be her favorite clothing item and she speaks her mind right when she wants. This kind of personality would choose the perfume based on mood, rather than season or trends. It’s rather undecided because today wants something indie, but tomorrow wants a vintage vibe. Romantism isn’t her choice but she would choose it sometimes.

The best fragrances to match with: Gucci Guilty Black, Carolina Herrera 212 New York.

#2. The Romantic

Every cliche in the world – you name it, you love it. You are a chocolate and flowers type of girl. The romantic would wear fluid dresses with romantic details. Ruffles and tassels are on her wardrobe more than anyone else. The daily routine consists in indulging yourself with sheer dresses, soft creams and wavy hair. France in on top 3 favorite countries and would love anything that comes with it. A coquettish fragrances would be the best choice to highlight all that! Soft and gentle, a romantic girl would walk in those floral feminine items wearing floral notes. The best ones are violet, rose, vanilla, blossom and white amaryllis.

The best fragrances to match with: Yves Saint Laurent Paris je T’aime, Femme de Montblanc, Nina Ricci, Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops.

#3. The Urban Girl

This girl will appreciate refinery in life and beautiful shoes. An urban girl prefers cool simplicity over opulence. “Chic” was your first word and that’s exactly what best defines you. Modern fashionista and eclectic girl would best describe her style. The scent she would choose will be just that. The best ones are bergamot, iris and sandalwood.

The best fragrances to match with: Givenchy Immortelle Tribal, Guerlain Insolence.

#4. The Boho Chic

Young and restless is your definition. You are a wild heart and free-spirited. You’ve never met a flower crown or folk song you didn’t like. In a past era, some would’ve called you a hippie. Balance is really important to you because you believe in mind, body and spirit. Equibrium is what defines it all, including your fragrance. Therefore, you look for incense, salty air and exotic orchids. This combination simply reminds you of the beach or burning sage. A boho girl would be normally drawn to fringes and camping outside rather than in hotels.

The best fragrances to match with: Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty.

#5. The Enigma

You’re in touch with your dark side and always have been. You don’t wear your true personality all times and hide it beneath your smile. You dress in neutral colors and your makeup is quite minimal. There are multiple things inside your heart. You like horror films, opera but love ’70s rock and roll. The vibe you send to all around you is that you are an enigma to unravel. Your clothing items and your fragrance has to express just that. It’s quite difficult to find that perfect match due to multiple personalities and likes. The main thing the accent should have is mystery. The perfumers have shaped unexpected notes like leather, saffron, musk and black pepper.

The best fragrances to match with: Sisley Soir d’Orient, Coco Chanel Noir.

#6. Cool girl. School girl.

The thing with you is that you are smart and straight forward. It’s not necessary to have a PhD but you are a clever one meaning that you appreciate routine. This specific chain of the same events allows you to focus to more important things. For you it’s important to have someone or something to stick with. One can always find in your wardrobe timeless pieces, like a trench coat and a good pair of tailored trousers. The oxford shoes are a mus have. One can think of a classic British Girl with a preppy style and bibe all over. The cool girl and school girl is fiercely independent and self-possessed. She completely understands the value of great style and her perfume should express just that. The fragrance should be as sophisticated and grown-up as you are. Amber, herbs and the red plum is the ideal combination of them all.

The best fragrances to match with: Elisabeth Arden Always Red, Chloe Fleur de Parfum, Chanel Chance.

#7. The Sporty Girl

You’re a dancer or a convinced fitness girl. You even keep your makeup minimal and your hair pulled back. You’re sporty and scrappy with that girl next door vibe all over you. The sporty girl is always on the run catching a match or watching one. Either way she would choose something cool and trendy in matter of clothing. You like your fragrances bright and energizing, just like peach blossom smell, citrus and lychee. The ideal fragrance must maintain her energy and agitated life.

The best fragrances to match with: Calvin Klein Eternity Now.

#8. The Sex Symbol

You’re every man’s dream! The bombshell vibe you have all over you can’t fool anyone. It’s a natural thing, you don’t even have to act something. When you wear a pair of stiletto pumps, you’re able to conquer the world. You like your hair big and messy, your dresses curve shaped and your makeup smoky. You have interesting activities to do and you keep it busy all the time. The sex symbol has the seductive gene and the sensual attitude everywhere she goes. Her confidence is able to intimidate everyone around her. You like your perfume to be as seductive and head-turning as you are. To obtain that, just look for golden amber, rose, gardenia and warm honey.

The best fragrances to match with: Jimmy Choo Illicit, Hypnose by Lancome.

Which one would you describe to be?

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