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We use them on a daily basis but, is there a marketing strategy or do they really work? We buy them because we believe they are good for us, but, do we really know that?

Find out more about your beauty products in the following sentences!

#1. The Lipgloss

Your skin has multiple layers and the superior one has a lot of dead cells that communicate with the others to produce more active cells for a proper hydration. It’s the same thing with your lips. Because you apply a lot of lipgloss on the upper layer, the next layer of your lips doesn’t get the proper message to produce more cells. That’s why, when you forget to apply lip balm, your lips get dry and that’s because the circuit isn’t quite done. It’s a vicious cercle, if you think about it.

#2. The Nail Polish

According to some studies, the dark shades of nail polish get into contact with the inferior layer of your nails. The reaction is hard to predict because it’s not in everyone’s case. Although, you should know that it’s a bad thing to keep your dark shade longer than a week. The nail polish has formaldehyde that helps your nail polish to dry faster. This ingredient is against the keratin protein from your natural nails and that’s why, in time, they become yellow.

#3. The Pump Efect Lipgloss

On the market, there are those lipglosses that promise to pump your lips. This in well known as the “plump lip gloss”. Once you apply it, it gives you an itchy sensation and the next effect is wider lips. This look lasts for a short period of time. You should know that, from the moment you apply it, this lip gloss irritate your lips and it will give you the burning feeling. This is a real fact, it’s not a product of your imagination! It’s a chemical ingredient called menthoxypropanediol that acts really fast. If you use it frequently, it will ruin your natural lips. Choose wisely!

#4. The Hair Conditioner

Either it’s a cheap hair conditioner or an expensive one, you should know that the main ingredient is the same one. The difference would be in the smell. One smells better than the other. But take into consideration that it’s not the main reason. The real difference consists in the added ingredents that are good for you – the proteins, the keratin, the liss ingredients and so on.

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