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Fashion Worldwide is a platform dedicated to fashion, fashion industry and its clients.

Our mission is to build bridges across borders and cultures, connecting all actants involved in the fashion industry.


Do I have to register or pay any fees to use Fashion Worldwide?

Remember, registering on our website is optional. However, without an account you will have limited access to our site. You will not be able to upload photos or videos and will not have access to all facilities. In order to make yourself and your designs visible or to ensure interaction with our community, we recommend creating an account.

I registered for an account but why I cannot log in?

Our site uses cookies that will help us improve our work. Make sure your browser has enabled cookies. Also, you must check the confirmation email when you register. If you’re concerned about privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

Do I need to have an account if I am just visiting the site? Will I have access to a list of designers, models or fashion houses?

Yes, you can visit the site, but you will have limited access to content. Most users will have privacy settings or may not share their profile publicly.

I am a fashion designer. Why should a register on the platform?

Fashion Worldwide is a platform that provides tools for professional growth. Clients and fashion fans will be able to view your designs and you will most likely receive a much higher traffic than you can ever create on your personal site.

Can I upload a portfolio and photos directly on my profile?

Yes, you can upload your portfolio and photos; you can place links from websites too.

How can I delete my profile?

You can send an email to: [email protected]  in order to cancel your account.

I think Fashion Worldwide is a valuable service and I want to link the site on my homepage. Can I do this?

Yes! Feel free to link Fashion Worldwide to your site.

Is it possible to get in contact with a designer listed on Fashion Worldwide directly?

You can find all the designer details when you click the info button, including the email address, website or telephone number, which would allow you to directly contact him. Of course, you need to register first.

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