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It has old-world charm, rich history and beauty: City of Boston. And Fashion history starts here, too.

Textile Industry started in England, but the industry of fabrics and serial clothes made in factories is an American creation. Fashion Industry as we know it today, started with Jewish immigrants from the city of Boston. They opened here tailoring workshops and small textile factories.

Boston fashion

In that time, however, each fashion item was personalized with clothing ornaments.  For every woman, even if the dress, skirt or costume was a series product, it was made unique.

Even more, in Boston has been set up the sizing system as we know it today. Both standard sizing system, numbers and S, M, L, XL, were first used here. The systems and patterns used today in tailoring appeared in Boston too.

Fashion industry developed from the desire of people with modest incomes to dress similar with those from the rich classes of society at that time. It was about making cheap clothes.

Boston fashion

At the beginning of the twentieth century, legendary fashion designers such as Christian Dior and Coco Chanel have laid the foundations of the great fashion houses. These were focused on exclusive clothing creations as well as the launching of fashion trends in each season.

Between the 1960’s and 1970’s, youth fashion began to be on the upward tide, turning into today’s Fashion Industry.

An area that today runs billions of dollars every year. It is a difference between the fashion industry, focusing on luxury clothing, and the production of clothing and clothing items dedicated to the large masses of people. There are two major lines of clothing, but they originate in Boston. In city’s neighborhoods at the beginning of the 20th century.

In our days, the Fashion Industry includes the design, manufacture, distribution, promotion, marketing of the so-called Haute Couture and the regular or sportswear industry.

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