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beard or no beard
beard or no beard

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Beard or no beard? As fashion has gone crazy in the last decades, it is quite difficult to define fashion trends on a long term basis. It is also the case with beards as a distinguishing mark of the male.

Most western modern societies consider that a presentable man is always clean shaved. Men with beards are usually associated with carelessness, lack of respect or even lack of hygiene. Weather we like it or not, people still label the others based on more or less important traits. Therefore: beard or no beard?

Firstly, is shaving a social compromise or is it an aesthetic necessity? Can you consider that clean shaved men stick to the norms while the men with a beard are more non-conformist people? What about profession and social environment? Do they influence this choice in a direct way?

Nowadays facial hair for men is becoming closer to the norm. Moreover, it becomes  a relatively well-established trend. There is no doubt that it is all a matter of personal choice. Also, it is part of the personality of a man and defines the way they feel better in their own shoes.

Does the beard make a man less attractive? Some studies show quite the contrary. Women seem to be more attracted with the men with beard, because they have a more masculine look.

Beard or no beard? Decide for yourself

It is clear that clean shaved men have their own well-known reasons. How about finding some good reasons for those who like to wear closely-cropped stubble or a long, wizard-like beard?

beard or no beard

source: google

  • Protects the skin from ultraviolet light. So bearded men are less likely to get skin cancer.
  • Also, it has proven to be a good filter for bacteria. Thus, it makes it difficult for germs to get to thee respiratory system.
  • Beards prevents skin from getting dry as well as from getting skin diseases.
  • Here is a funny fact: shaving takes time. In fact, studies show that a man shaving regularly from 25 to 55 years old, spends around 139 days doing that. That is how having a beard helps you save that time.
  • Can you imagine getting out freshly shaved in a freezing cold?
  • Women say bearded men are more attractive. Look at all the celebrities wearing it!
  • They say bearded men are strong, rebel, relaxed and with a high self esteem.


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