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fashion trendsWhen it comes to fashion trends, things can go wild at some point. As soon as new year comes, there is a huge competition for all big fashion houses to create, to anticipate or to align to the newest trend. What is the color of this year? What is the best fabric to be used? How long or how short the skirt? Sometimes it can be quite confusing or maybe so far away from your own personal style.

But who is “in charge” with setting up the new fashion trends? Fashion designers are not seeing the future and then quickly launch the newest collection. And there are no people simply  dictating what to wear or what no to wear at some point. “Fashion forecasting” is a serious job and it is carried out by talented people who work hard to anticipate what will be catchy the following year. They are able to foresee what is a mere caprice and what can really become a fashion trend.

Of course, some things never grow old. It is the case with short skirts or denim. However, designers reinvent them each time and make them fit so well into their vision.

Fashion trends for 2017

Fashion parades showed some of the tendencies for this year.

  1. Stripes – Even if there were in trend for the last years, stripes seem to have “nine lives”, as they come back this year in all shades of the rainbow. They will fit in great for the summer.
  2. Yellow – It seems to be the color of the year, in any of its shades. Bright and sunny, isn’t  it?
  3. Sneakers – They will continue to be extremely popular and fancy in the upcoming year. They are so versatile that can fit all tastes and styles.
  4. Single shoulder cutout – This year it is time to express beauty and elegance off your shoulders. This look will have great impact, especially if we are talking about night dresses.
  5. Prints and patterns – Outfits need to be artistic and inspiring. You can also create contrasts or you mix prints.
  6. Laces and ribbons – It is time to strap up! Make it as creative as possible, more or less subtle, as it fits your style.
  7. Over-sized – Flare jeans, voluminous skirts or large trench-coats – that’s the trend!
  8. Romanticism – Outfits are more feminine this year. Say goodbye to being “boyish”!
  9. Flounce and ruffle – Whether it is about dresses of shirts, make it voluminous.
  10. White shirt dresses – With interesting waistlines and unexpected hemlines they will make your outfit more interesting.

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