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Going to the SPA may be everyone’s choice of relaxation. It’s hard to find that one place where you can leave your routine behind and feel great.

When you are going to get a full body SPA treatment, you expect to feel amazing. The key words would be relax, detox, skincare and release of all the problems for body and mind. They say that a treatment like this removes anxiety, frustration, nervosity, lack of concentration, insomnia, nightmares, panic attacks, headaches and not only.

Here are the best treatments for your skin to get into a SPA.

#1. Hydrotherapy

Based on water, this kind of therapy is good for your skin but not only. Using some substances, some of the parts of your body are sunk into warm water. The therapy may consist in relaxing a part or the whole body. When you sink into the water up to your neck and inhale those substances into the warm water, it’s a full body treatment.

#2. Body Wraps

Everyone’s favorite, right? After an exfoliating process, the best thing to do is to hydrate the skin. Your body is prepared to receive all the nutrients from a body wrapping treatment. The skincare routine would be exfoliation, mask and massage. The nutrients are for hydration, anti-aging, wrinkles, firmness or anticellulite. You may find a cocktail of the best spices and flavors for the body massage Enjoy it!

#3. The Cleopatra Bath

As you well know, Cleopatra was the first person to use the milk and honey combination in a bath tub. Why? For a fine and soft skin. The milk helps in the removal of the dead cells on your skin. Its because of the zinc, calcium, vitamins A, D, B12. The honey cleans the pores and eliminates the impurities. If you have a dry skin, the honey helps you to keep it together.

#4. The Massage

This step is good especially for those with a sedentary job. It’s relaxing and energising for the whole body. It detensionates you completely and it can unlock some problems of your back, for example. The massage may be relaxing or therapeutic (to treat some specific problems).

The relaxing one is the best. It can be done with soft body cream, baby oil or special butter. An ideal one consists in chillout music and specific scents in the room.

After this step, the good thing to do is to continue the process with a hot tea and a long shower.


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