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The History of New York Fashion Week

Nowadays, the world spins around The Big 4: New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. 

Nowadays, almost every country has its own fashion week. It would be interesting to find out the history of fashion week, the event itself, right? We think the answer is YES.

As many of you know, getting into the event’s list is very hard. Back in those days, it was all so simple. In fact, the organisers tried to convince people to attend the event.

In 1943, Eleanor Lambert, a PR girl wanted to create an event that would attract all people interested in fashion. Eleanor invited 150 people, out of which attented only 53. She even offered to pay all the expenses. The interesting fact is the French were famous worldwide for their designs. She wanted to move the capital to New York.

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The American journalists didn’t pay attention to the fashion industry and Eleanor was outraged. At first, the Fashion Week was named Press Week. In time, it became the main event in fashion.

In XVII century, Louis the XIV invented a pattern for the luxury outfits. Ever since, France dominated the fashion industry. Starting with the 90’s, journalists, designers, models, producers, buyers went from Paris to New York to catch it all.

Eleonor was the most important person in the fashion industry if we consider the main fashion events. If she didn’t have the initiative, probably it would have taken longer.

Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and the Mayor of New York at that time, Fiorello LaGuardia were the first to introduce the actual American brand.

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The tradition of Eleonor Lambert  continues. Twice a year, each time for 7 days, New York Fashion Week sets the trends for the following season. The most famous fashion designers present their collections on the catwalk. Everyone in the world watches it.

The first edition was on Seventh Avenue, where everyone took the elevator from one presentation to another. Once the event became popular, it moved to a theater, then in a hotel lounge. The event attracted designers like Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.

Every year, the fashion trends set in these capitals. Beijing, Singapore and Mumbai, but not only, follow the NYFW lead.

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