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look taller

It is in our nature to wish for more than we already have. Some people want to look taller, others would like to be a little bit shorter. While many would have loved to have blue eyes, some think green could have done just fine. Of course, we cannot change our natural endowment. However, modern times brought new opportunities to adjust these features in order to make us happier with who we are.

You would never believe, but there are some simple ways to make short guys look taller. You just need to know some useful tips to make you feel good in your own shoes.

How to choose your clothes to look taller?

look taller


If you want to look taller, your clothes are your most efficient ally. Here you might find some useful ideas:


  • Always choose clothes your own size.
  • There is no doubt that large clothes make you look “wider”. Of course, do not choose too tight outfits, either.
  • Try monochromatic schemes. If you decide to wear various tones of the same color, you will definitely look taller. However, if you insist on wearing different colors, remember to use light colors on top and darker clothes for trousers.
  • Wear vertical stripes.
  • Maybe one of the most important piece of a man’s wardrobe is definitely the shirt. It goes well on any occasion. For obvious results, wear a vertical striped shirt.
  • Add some accessories only in the upper part of your body. Once you draw people’s attention on your head, neck or chest, you will leave the impression of being taller. Therefore, use hats, glasses, pins etc.
  • Buttons must be fastened right above the navel. Choose big button jackets to draw attention on your upper body again. Also, it will give the impression of longer legs.
  • Wear shorter jackets and avoid trousers folding at shoes level. Normally, suit trousers should cover the back of the shoes as well as their line. However, wearing a shorter coat and shorter trousers, will make your legs look longer. Thus, you will definitely look taller.
  • Shorter hair will reveal more of your neck. The result will be the same: drawing attention to your upper part of the body, you will seem taller.





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